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"My Wealth (asset base and income), multiplied 500% during the following 18 month period!  Thanks Andy!"

Andy, I subscribed to your e-mails and purchased your book "Money for Nothing and your Property for free" around 3 Years ago. I was already in property, but was at a sticking point with my investing. Then you came along!! After implementing the strategies and mindset from your book, this not only gave practical advice, but clarified in my mind, why am I doing this? My wealth (asset base and income), multiplied 500% during the following 18 month period! I am now free to do with my time as I wish! So I relentlessly pursue the subjects of self improvement, mindset, marketing and wealth building. Its fantastic being able to pursue these subjects for a "living"! Yourself and another Mentor I have (Chris Cardell), have been instrumental in giving me the tools and mindset to live the life I now leave. For this I would personally like to thank you, and I know my wife and 4 children would, (ask them about the summer 6 weeks holidays off school and all the places we go together.

Richard Jones

"Making Steady Progress Towards My Goals (Finally) Thanks Andy!"

I love the style of writing you have adopted, you are definitely talking to ME! I am working hard to apply what I am learning from your articles and can already see that I am making steady progress towards my personal goals. Thanks Andy for a new approach to silencing the nutter in my head!!! -

Anne Nelson


Many people follow the same path to riches. Some succeed and some fail. But what is the difference? The successful have mastered their mind and make sure it is a help not a hindrance. If you want to make sure your mind is helping you achieve your desires then read Andy's priceless new book... -

Suzette Richards

"The Value Of Andy's Material Is Limitless!"

"I've immersed myself in all of the motivation and mindset books for the last few years but Andy has managed to come up with a laser-focussed approach that cut's right to the heart of how you actually make all that "stuff' work for you. So I'm really impressed. The value of this material will be limitless" Robert -

Robert Whyte

"They are MUST HAVE BOOKS for everyone who wants to change their lives not for the better but for the best!"

Hi Andy, I seldom give testimonials to anyone. Your book could not arrive at the better time. I was at wits end of my financial worries. Thinking what the future lies for me. All those negative thoughts that creep in when you are "unconscious". It has certainly helps to think differently. I have read some self help development books but I must say that your books are an "eye opener" this is an UNDERSTATEMENT". They are MUST HAVE BOOKS for everyone who wants to change their lives not for the better but for the best! I even read some quotes to my partner whilst reading which she finds enlightening. I now half way of the first book. I even read it on the bus, tube, at cafes even before I go to bed! There are some grammar errors but I will not them bother me. Your human after all! Thanks for writing the books and share it with us!  

Arthur J

"Changed My Life!"

If your new book is anything like your last one then its worth every penny, that one changed my life for the better forever -

Andy Hill

"Andy Has The Rare Ability To Instil A Sense Of Urgency On Paper And Get People To Take Action!"

Congratulations on the launching of your book. I have just read it for the first time ...it’s an excellent, insightful and thought-provoking read. I believe it should be a reference book for the uninitiated and for people who need a bit of motivation!!. What I find particularly interesting is your ability to instil a sense of urgency and clarity on paper ...not a gift too many authors have." - 

Michael Tracey

"Erased Negativity From My Life!!

What fascinates me about the articles written by Andy Shaw is that the content is so obviously correct and makes so much sense, but somehow it is still stuff I have never thought of, and is very interesting. I can relate directly to the articles, and instantly apply the knowledge given into my everyday thinking. I can feel my thought processes becoming more and more positive as negativity is removed from my life. Many thanks Andy -

Clive Pearson

"I can't thank you enough for giving me the tools to achieve in just a few short weeks what I felt I have been searching for all my adult life."

Hi Andy I've posted a couple of replies on the forum and one of them you kindly answered directly in relation to the balance between designing your life and taking action to bring it into being without trying to force the direction. That for me is the tricky stuff and the bit that I am changing in terms of my own patterns, so Id be really happy to be on the call if that is an area others are struggling with. Just one really positive bit of feedback I wanted to give you (again Ive posted this on the forum under Manifesting). Having begun to really internalise and practice what you are teaching as I go along (rather than reading it as a novel to be finished before I try out the techniques) I had the biggest revelation early this morning (around 3am). Two key aspects of my life design are the ideas of peace and freedom. Having taken this week to really work on my design I realise now through observing without judgement, being grateful for what I have and letting go that I actually have these foundations in place. I almost cried with joy when the fog lifted and I could see that these two key aspects of my design are already manifest. I now know that the rest will surely follow although I need to practice and develop my skills. I cant thank you enough for giving me the tools to achieve in just a few short weeks what I felt I have been searching for all my adult life. I feel like I have just woken up to the most beautiful day of my life. Amazing!

 - Trish McG

"If this stuff was taught in schools, the world would be a better place"

I joined Andy's site early in 2010 after being inspired by his way of thinking, his past journey and his goals for the future - especially HIS goals that include ME!

....I have read many personal development books, and learned much from them, but I find that with Andy's approach, things just click into place. His blunt, no BS approach is fascinating in the way he reveals and unravels the "wrongs" that we have either been brought up to believe are true, or what we have just excepted as "The Norm".

Thanks Andy P.S. If this stuff was taught in schools, the world would be a better place.

 - Geoff Beattie

"This is truly different."

This book is amazing. It really is different to what I've read before and I've done a lot of sole searching and personal development. This is truly different.

Steve Skowryski

"I am already noticing wonderful changes in my life."

Hi Andy, Firstly a wonderful and fulfilling experience already and I am still absorbing Creating A Bug Free Mind. I got the books in December and I have deliberately taken time to follow this material. I Read your first book on property and knew you were a genuine good guy out there who could also teach. I am already noticing wonderful changes in my life. My partner has also noticed and true to your word slowly and surely I am becoming ever present and conscious. I am very grateful you have written this material and to you and all the members of the forum I am smiling and together we can wake the world. Thank you. Paul

Paul Baker

"I'm committed to reading these 5 chapters over and over, and keeping a diary of what I'm learning and experiencing!!!

"Like you I've spent a lot of time and money on personal development programs and continuous learning... only to find that there is still something missing...something that I'm not grasping. I LOVE your step by step process of clearing my mind of the bugs... I can't wait to get my hands on the complete set of books and to once and for all be FREE. Until then I'm committed to daily practice and reading the 5 chapters over and over and keeping a diary of what I'm learning and experiencing!!!"

Thanks Andy,  wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

-Wendy Dejong-
Alto, USA

"... it covers all one needs to know for success in life without seeking anything else!"

Dear Andy I really appreciate being able to give you feedback on the first 200 books. I have followed your website for some 2-3 years, read your first book and taken action. I have five properties now (in Australia) which I am holding for the long term. I also became a member of Prophet Max, which is fantastic, by the way. I was excited to be able to buy one the first copies. I haven't completed reading the first book yet as I am savouring every point but it is written with so much information that I have to pick it up any chance I can to continue from where I left off. I studied yoga, nutrition, meditation for 10 years and this has meant I have understood the concepts you deliver, but yoga never gave it to me in such a clear, step by step, logical way. Too often it was shrouded in riddles or mystique, or alternative practices which held no lasting interest for me. One had to separate the good from the irrelevant to further ones personal growth. Your book shortcuts all this by about 10 years. If your book had been around 10 years ago I need not have gone the yoga direction, but of course I have no regrets, as it was a wonderful journey in itself and led me to where I am now. Your book cuts to the chase in such an easy to read, logical fashion. In fact, it cover s all one needs to know for success in life without seeking anything else! It really has delivered. I cant wait to read the next book.

- Jeanette (www.chalani.net)

"... I am getting it the potential is amazing"

Hi Andy and family happy new year I have got to chapter 8 so far and can only say I am getting it the potential is amazing i will write again after reading both books thanks very much Andy regards  

Andrew Leedham

"Andy Actually Delivers What Most "So Called Gurus" Eagerly Promise!"

What many other so called gurus promise Andy actually delivers - clear, simple, no-nonsense, practical steps to building the life and wealth you always wanted. It's this simple - I have found no-one better at showing the way the get wealthy that anyone can follow. -

Brian Lunt

"I thought that everything I had ever learned and had stored away in my head, had a value and that what I needed to do was understand it all. Now I realise that is wrong."

Hi Andy, First of all a happy new year to you and your family. I'm currently up to Chapter 20 of A Bug Free Mind and wanted to let you know that I'm finding the information so far tremendously helpful in moving me forward, simply by identifying all the rubbish that I've been carrying around with me for so long without even realising it was rubbish! I thought that everything I had ever learned and had stored away in my head, had a value and that what I needed to do was understand it all. Now I realise that is wrong. Just like anything else we collect over time, stuff becomes outdated, superfluous, clutter, and needs to be 'chucked out'. I've become fairly good at this with physical stuff, but didn't regard the contents of my head in the same way - until now. It's given me such a great feeling of optimism and couldn't come at a better time - a new year! Another huge realisation I've made is just how much I lie to myself and others by defending my position/status. I've spent an awful lot of time and energy over the years trying to convince myself that I'm OK where, and as, I am. This must have started when achieving to any great degree became either difficult or else associated with guilt at wanting more. I can now admit that where I actually am is a very long way from where I desire to be. Can't wait to know what else your books will bring my way. Thanks so much. Best wishes,

- Valerie

"This book has unearthed the missing links that I have been searching for."

Hi Andy, I am only on page 100 of "Creating A Bug Free Mind" but this is because I am reading it very slowly with a highlighter in one hand and have gone over and reread a chapter or two which I felt that I needed to do to get the message to hit home.  Well what can I say, this book has unearthed the missing links that I have been searching for.  I started my personal development journey 4 years ago and there is no other book that I have read or course that I have attended that has addressed the "Nutter/ Saboteur"  in the manner in which you have done.  I like the layman's language and easy simplistic and understandable format in which you have written this book.  Once I have completed reading both books I will email you a full review of my conclusions and what I have got out of it but already how to deal with worry is working and the 15 seconds of no mind which I eventually hope to be able to say 15 minutes is having a positive effect.
Many thanks again for such transformational material.

Karen (London)

"...the Hayes Manual for humans - in my opinion they are the only self-help books you will ever need."

I just wanted to add my opinion of Andy's books. I can't do a full review just yet as I haven't actually finished the books- and aren't likely to finish them for some time! They are not books that you can just quickly read once, they need to be read slowly and fully absorbed- I read a few chapters and then find myself re-reading to make sure I have fully understood and implemented what Andy is saying. I would go as far as calling these books the "˜Hayes Manual" for humans- in my opinion they are the only self help books you will ever need. If you don't get it after reading these, then no other book is going to do it for you. I had already come across some of the concepts before in other books, and had perhaps already started to change my mindset a little as a result, but Andy explains them in a way which makes perfect sense and goes into much more depth. Finally, I cannot understand why some people think that the books are expensive as I think that they are an absolute bargain- these are seriously thick books; to put it into context, I have happily spent £12- £15 for a book half the size, and have also paid far more for a 50 page "biz-op" manual. Also, the information in Andy's books is potentially seriously life changing, something you cannot put a price on. I am already experiencing some amazing shifts in my mindset and just know that 2011 is going to be a fantastic year for me. 

- Stephanie Cooke

"I think it's absolutely spot on."

Hi Andy, I've just started working my way through the Creating A Bug Free Mind programme, and I have to say I think it's absolutely spot on. Nature abhors a vacuum and by clearing out the bugs you are making way for all the good stuff to come into your mind and then be manifested into your life. I can't wait for all the exciting things that are about to explode into my life! Thanks Andy. All the best,

- Brett Sadler

"The day I read it was the day I knew my life would change..."

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Andy!

 I have already started telling people that the day I read it was the day I knew my life would change and believe me, from where I come from, for people to think a book can change your life is a leap of faith.” - 

Paul Heaton

"MUCH Better Than 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'!!

The Book is the BEST read ever and I was cross-eyed after reading 15 chapters non stop! It is better than Rich Dad Poor Dad as it is more practical, down to earth, and it is British!  You are also DRIVING people to  ‘do it’."  

Ken Ward


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