...You come over as somewhat arrogant.
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Hi Andy - well done with the ideas and the books. I'm sure they'll help a lot of people. But I'd like to respectfully point out that in my experience of how people go about things, shooting down your competitors first (in any field) does not help you in your cause. I like the comments of someone called Yvan(?) on your blog, and would here like to echo them too. People are people, and we all get what we need - from the various sources we need it. We want different things too. No one way is best. Having suffered financially as you did, it's great you're bouncing back. I'm afraid, though, that you come over as somewhat arrogant in your new field of self-help. Sorry to have to say this. I wish you the best though, and good luck with facing more of your personal demons. Whoever thinks they've all gone is more than likely kidding them self. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we don't live in a world of absolutes. I fond out the painful way too. Yours, Steve Slimm


Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for your candid feedback, it really is appreciated.

I'd like to respond though as I think some clarification may help understanding my direction better.

So just answering your points from the top down.

It may seem like I was assassinating my 'competitors' but I was targeting their ability to deliver results, not the quality of their content. Their content works for me and is great. And it works for others like me. However, their results are not good enough, 1% of people reading their material and going on to make a success of their lives and not live in quiet desperation is in my honest opinion... unacceptable. Especially when through changing the teaching style results can be achieved. This is merely making an engine more efficient.

Your comment that each of us gets what we need from the various sources... I used to agree with that. In fact I use to say it to people. However, if it were true then why do only 1% of people succeed? The truth is we do not get what we need, we think we do, but we do not. The 1% do get much more from Personal Development books than the 99%, that's because we would have done it anyway. But the ones who you say (and I used to say) get what they need at the right time. Just isn't true, otherwise there would be more successful people out there.

I'm not in this business to sell books, I'm in this business to deliver results. My first book delivered massive results, these will deliver far more than the first one ever did. When I designed this process I looked at why only 1% succeeded yet all of us read the same books, and I discovered why. The ones who succeeded would have done so anyway. So my peers books failed to deliver anything other than knowledge and a feel good factor. And knowledge without action is like fuel without a spark... useless.

As for the arrogance, I have to agree with you, I don't mean to be it is just how I come across, to me it is black and white, right and wrong. And if something doesn't work, then I have to protest against it, and that sounds like arrogance, which it of course is in a way. But it is not meant to be braggy, or that sort of arrogance. It is supposed to be helpful leadership cutting through the bull and delivering life changing results.

As for the personal demons, they are to be observed for the wonders that they share, instead of feared for the dangers they profess.

Best wishes



Hi Andy - thanks for getting back to me, and I must say with a very well considered reply. I really appreciate that. I can see now that you are possibly just extremely enthusiastic about what you've found that works - and want to share it. Looks like I misread you personally. I shall give your writing a closer read.

I've produced a reasonable amount of material myself on this subject, and have both a vested personal interest (ie - I've not made my first million yet!), and a strong philosophical/esoteric leaning toward things metaphysical - with a view toward practical manifestation.

So yes - I'll read you with renewed interest. Thanks again for getting back, all the best with the project, and have a great holiday season. Steve


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