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Hi Andy,

Just signed up for the year, could I ask you to send my youngest son some of your words of wisdom as he has just turned professional boxer, I feel sure something from you would strike a cord, Many Thanks



Hi Andy,

The most important thing for your son to see is his arm being lifted first after every fight. That is the end goal, picture himself consoling his opponent for his valiant struggle. Feeling respect for him, but feeling grateful that he won.

Feel the energy in the room, the power of success. As a fight is planned tell him to take an hour or so out to picture in as much detail as possible the end goal of his victory. Tell him to go forward in his mind and shape everything to how he wants it to look. Tell him his mind is like a time machine, and he is powerful enough to visit the past and the future with it. So go and create his future.

Spend 15 minutes a day on just thinking about this, and owning this victory, detail, detail, detail. Feel the victory with every sense. The difference between the winner and the loser is the one who wants it more. Your son can create his victories inside his mind and feel how grateful he is to everyone who helped him. The more detail, the more certainty. When he feels the certainty start he will know he's won (he will know this point, but he may lie to others about whether or not he knows it...

Tell him to be true to himself as getting to this point without belief is essential for success. When he gets to that point, spend some time planning the conception of it, ie all the training he will be doing to bring in this reality. As it has already happened for him, all he needs to do now, is bring it into our realities.

The more thought he puts into this then the less and less chance his opponents will have. There is no need to feel even a twinge of sadness for how easily he will defeat his opponents, as they are on their path and he is on his. So no holding back, see the winning blow strike and deliver a knock out... feel the energy in the room as everyone knows the fight is over. If he feels that he only believes that he can beat them, then that is the time he will lose...

Tell him to know it, and if he doesn't know it, then work on conceiving how it is possible, until he does know it. Unless he feels the truth of knowing it, then he is vulnerable. When he feels the power of knowing it, he will become invulnerable, and will not require any luck whatsoever. Would love to hear how he gets on,

Best wishes



Andy I cannot thank you enough for the truly inspiring words, and once my son reads this he will know, and he may listen to me a little more as I have been telling him about (knowing and not believing) His first fight is hopefully 28th April I will let you know how he gets on, Many Many thanks, Andy


Andy's son of course one the fight and was considered 'the talent of the night.'


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