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Are You Working Yourself To Death? Just So You Can: Eat, Sh*t, & Pay Debt?
Follow This Simple Advice To Instantly Change Your Life
By Andy Shaw

If so, you need to stamp this number into your mind right now : 525,600


...Because that's how many minutes there are in a year. Do you realise that unless you are already a success that each year you will spend over half a million minutes with absolutely no return on your investment...

That's crazy isn't it? Or do you not 'believe' me? If you didn't then it is easy for you to measure...

How successful have you become since this time last year? Or five years ago, or even ten!

When you actually break it down, it becomes crystal clear that every single unsuccessful person there is 'and' has ever been just spends their time freely without having any sort of investment check on their time at all! How is it that you ever think you can become successful if you do not know how to measure the value of your time? Let alone actually measure it?

If you have been trying to become successful for 10 years then you have invested over Five Million minutes... And for what return?

Nothing, no tangible results. So you have not invested your time at all, you are just spending it! You are not accountable for your success or your failure... And yet unsuccessful people cannot figure out why they are not successful.

The reason why most people and almost certainly you cannot become successful is you do not know the value of your time. You do not know what is a good investment of it and what is a bad investment. So because you do not know, you spend instead of invest.

Unsuccessful people spend their lives rushing, always trying to get there, wherever 'there' is.

But they do this without knowing where 'there' is!

Do you know why they do this? It's for two reasons...

#1 Everyone is doing it, therefore an unsuccessful person thinks without thought and copies it - then because they do not and cannot measure their investment they fail.

They then figure they need to rush some more, because they are now behind where they should be.

 So their pattern of failure is repeated and repeated until they get too old to 'keep trying' and they give up!

When if they just knew how to value their time, they could invest and measure their return instead of just keep spending.

#2 They rush because they do not know that the direction they are going in will result in the destination they want.

So they are running a race with no sense of direction!!!

All they know is what they don't want, so they run in any direction to get away from it! And they of course know that they have to rush, because when what they are 'trying' to do doesn't work... They know they will have to start all over again!

So they rush and they know it will fail... And of course they were right and the pattern of failure is repeated.

This would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad, as VIRTUALLY EVERYONE LIVES THIS WAY!

Does this ring any bells with you?

Firstly, don't worry! Don't feel too frustrated. Learning that you've been just bashing your head against a brick wall with absolutely zero chance of ever getting there with your current plan is actually the first step on the true road to success.

But before going there, let's get back to your current plan as you need to understand how bad this is before you can get rid of it without the cancerous nature of it re-emerging and killing your future success...

So as an unsuccessful person this is your current 'default' plan

I say default because you haven't set a plan which is why the default plan which everyone has been trained to produce is currently running in the absence of a better plan!

This should be sounding so correct and so obvious to you right now...

Your current investment of half a million minutes each year, has so far resulted in yet another half a million minutes being wasted over the last 12 months. All that rushing, rush here, rush there, rush everywhere... All that being busy and rushing year after year gets you nowhere excepted to a place known as frustration! This is the default plan of the human race, and if you are not successful, then it's your plan now!

However, it will probably surprise you to discover that successful people do not rush. They appear to, but they are not rushing... They are merely taking small continuous steps in the right direction. They do not spend minutes, they invest them.

This is just like an athlete invests hundreds of thousands of minutes training... Because an athlete knows what their success looks like. So does a successful person. So a successful person just like an athlete is able to measure their time investment and check they are getting a good return on their investment.

However, an unsuccessful person does not know what success looks like, so they consider anything they do which does not end up as being successful as a failure not an investment.

If I said to an unsuccessful person here's an article and it'll take you about 25 minutes to read they would instantly think (by default), "...I haven't got time to read that, I'm too busy rushing about trying to get there (to get away from here)." Here of course being an unsuccessful place.

Now if I said to a successful person here's an article and it'll take you about 25 minutes to read... Then they immediately consider (by default), "...will this article take me towards my target or will it take me off course?"

You see because they know where they are going a successful person does not consider time as a cost as they can measure the value of it.

Whereas an unsuccessful person has to consider time as the problem and a cost because they are always getting zero return on their investment. So they do not know the value of their time and therefore waste half a million minutes each and every year. Whereas a successful person invests half a million and then benefits from their return on investment for the rest of their life.

This is a core difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one... And if you intend to be successful then you have to learn to use your mind in the way a successful person uses theirs.

So here's a quick test for you... You want to be successful yes?

Well here's an article which will take you about 25 minutes to read which will put you on the EXACT path to YOUR success...

How did that make you feel, if you felt nothing, then read it again and feel something.

Did you feel too busy?

If so then you have very little chance of you currently becoming successful as you are rushing and you will probably not be ready for the information on it yet anyway.

You need to go and rush some more so that you can understand the futility of it. Then one day many years from now you may wake up and realise that your rushing is not getting you anywhere. Maybe then you can find your way back to this fork in the road... maybe!

Or did you instantly say to yourself, "...cool 25 minutes to get on the path to success... That's possibly a great investment! But I need to know more as there may be a catch." If you did then there's a good chance you may just have what it takes to snap out of the waking sleep and set about actually succeeding in life.

Well I have got a 25 minute article for you and it WILL put you on the EXACT path to your success... So if you are ready to invest the next 25 minutes instead of just spend them, then you may just want to watch it. ...Is there a catch, yes... But not a painful one, the biggest catch is you have to actually intend to become successful...

Right now you are probably thinking you do intend it... But an unsuccessful person intending it and a successful person intending it are two different things. If you are ready to become a successful person intending it then you may be ready for this video.

CLICK HERE to 'invest' instead of 'spend' the next 25 minutes of your life and see the light at the end of a very long tunnel...

To your success


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