Here's an extract from the 27th chapter of Creating A Bug Free Mind

Chapter 27 - So What New Skills And ‘Magical’ Powers Do You Have?

          Here’s what you should already be a master of (or well on the way to it) if your ego wasn’t running the show.

          What you will have learnt and now have power of if you applied all of this stuff: -

You met the person who’s actually controlling your mind
You’ve learnt how to shut them up for a short time
You learnt the process of shutting them up for good
You can now silence your mind easily and without effort
You’ve learnt how to protect yourself from everything so that nothing can touch you
You’ve learnt how to accept life in the natural way, nothing creates problems for you
You’ve learnt how to accept what comes in the natural way, nothing phases you
You’ve learnt why you should stop judging people and yourself, you can talk with anyone and not judge them
You are clear of any need to be negative
You do not worry anymore
You understand you created your worries and that they were a choice
You understand your worries are just an illusion you choose not to create anymore, ever again
You know you are never powerless and always powerful, you have ultimate power over how your life is
You know how to let go of other people’s thoughts about you, no-one can affect how you feel because you don’t allow them to
You’ve learnt how to love making mistakes, you look forward to getting it wrong as it brings you closer to the life you desire
You’ve learnt the benefit of being in continuous harmony, it feels wonderful always… you are serenity itself
You understand there is no longer a need to please other people, you have total freedom from others’ expectations of you
You understand how essential it is for you to not blame anyone, you accept your life as it is and recognise how easy it was to fix all along
You understand how to create self esteem, you wonder how you ever had low self esteem
You can instantly see when your crooked thinking starts, you are becoming predominantly present and your ego is very clear to you when it shows up
You know how to get the answer to any problem, you are finding that nothing is a problem as you are finding all the answers
You have learnt to question and questioned all that you already know, you have found so many things were wrong and they are now fixed
You learnt why you must stop wanting anything so that you can have everything. You now KNOW you can create the life you desire and are anticipating it
You’ve learnt the right time to wait and the wrong time, you never need to be concerned about making decisions anymore as the right ones are obvious
You now understand what damage ‘hoping’ does to your desires, you no longer need to ‘hope’ for anything, you know you can create anything
You know how to accept things, allow things and have things happen in a way that you are not blocking your success
You now know how to make sure that when you make a decision it is taking you forward and not backward
You have let go of all of your pain and you are not creating it anymore
You have learnt how to let go of the bad to allow in the good, you do not allow in any more bad
You no longer resent anything or anyone, you are serene and content with everything as it is
You now avoid automatically all situations where negativity can develop, you don’t allow negativity in
You now know how to evaluate yourself without bias, you can evaluate without judgement
You now know the downside of feeling sorry, you have learnt the gift of not feeling sorry is a more effective way of helping
You fully understand where fear comes from so you can see it coming
You have removed completely your fear of failure, you now look forward to everything instead
You are no longer ever stressed and will never be again
You do not suffer with anxiety and never will again
You do not fear risk anymore
You do not fear risk anymore
You can now let go of all bad feelings in an instant, you have complete power over all poor, lack feelings
You now know the pattern to create success in your mind first, you are able to create with your mind
You know how to avoid the roadblocks to success, you are not repeating the mistakes you previously repeated
You now live only in the now, not needing the past or future for happiness, you are totally happy now, you have found peace
You have learnt the power of listening, you realise how powerful it is and what a gift it is for people
You are not afraid of your own death, you are excited to live every day without any fear at all
You know how to harness the power of knowing, you have access to the ultimate power of creation and can turn it on
You know how to achieve instant happiness in any situation, you never find yourself unhappy, you are always happy – the only difference is how happy
You know which way to go if you desire enlightenment
You understand that you never wish to retire and the power this gives you to just have a great life now
You no longer need to compete with others just yourself, you see an abundance of whatever you desire which you will create as necessary
You now know how to actually make the Law of Attraction work and you know it’s real name, you realise why it didn’t work for you before on demand and now it does
You know how to do more with less effort and sometimes with no effort at all
You know how to cure overwhelm and you do not suffer with this disease anymore
You know that until you apply something, that you don’t ‘know’ it
You know you’ll never need to be busy or rush again, your life is now just easy and enjoyable
You have learnt how to control your time and create more of it
You have full access to your intuition again and know how to use it on demand
You know what you must do to ensure certain success

          WOW! Just imagine that, if you had realised you were going to have all that total power by this point then maybe you would have found the time to read and apply it, eh!!! Look, getting it wrong and not paying attention is a good thing, you needed one read through first to get your feet wet.
          But can you see the absolute power you have at your finger tips?
          So the final question is… Are You Worth It?
          Well are you? You now have the choice, as if you are still here then you are currently present, so what choice are you going to make?
          ‘Change’ Or ‘The Same’
          ~ Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ~
          Albert Einstein
          It is your choice if you ‘want’ change, and I don’t mean ‘want,’ I mean DESIRE change. You need to know this is not work, look at it as your passion giving you ultimate power.
          Just imagine if I was able to get everyone in the world into a room and I got them to BE PRESENT just for a few minutes. Then I read out to them that list above… What powers they would have… What ailments they would be free of… All they had to do was just read this material and apply it! Then what do you think they would say to me?
          They would be begging me to share it with them. Well guys, do you see why you don’t have the life you desire?… It is in your hands, you have paid for it and you are considering not re-reading and applying it!
          They are the answers that everyone who is in the personal development world is looking for!!!! Never before have they been put together in this way, simply this is the answer to the question, it is the antivirus for the human mind.
          You have them, you manifested it, you have found it, you have read it and you have felt the change, you know this to be true… Yet you still are in real danger of allowing your ego to re-take control of your life and drag you off the way. You still say to yourself and to others that ‘I know I’m doing something wrong’ or ‘I know I am near the answer, but I just can’t seem to get it!’
          That’s because your ego is changing the radio station all of the time. You know how the old radios used to tune in with the knob you turned? Well this is how your mind actually works… right now you are tuned into this info… you KNOW it’s right! Your mind noise is quiet and you can clearly hear the radio station, the in-between stations noise is not present and the voice of your intuition is saying quite calmly, ‘Yes this is what you need, you’ve found it, well done, you’re in the right place!’
          Yet within minutes of stopping reading, maybe just seconds, you are out of consciousness again. You are no longer present; your radio dial is no longer in tune and all you hear is background noise. A radio station in tune is obviously a metaphor for you being present and in-between channels is a metaphor for when you are unconscious. You spend virtually all your life in the unconscious part… sorry but you do (and so do I still), but some of you spend all of it there, I call it the waking sleep of the human race.
          You become used to the background noise, this uncomfortable place becomes comfortable. Try listening to a radio station and then go off tune. The noise is painful to start with and then after a while you become accustomed to it. You don’t notice the pain anymore. It becomes a different level of ‘uncomfortable comfort’ but when you listen to the noise (i.e. you become aware of the noise) it is uncomfortable again. So you accept the noise and your uncomfortable level of comfort is resumed.
          Then your ego says to you, ‘Don’t read Andy’s stuff, watch the TV instead, it’s more comfortable. Go and clean up the shed, let’s do anything to keep off of that radio station which makes us think…. This isn’t so bad, we know what this is like and the future is scary, let’s stay here…’ You see as Wallace Wattles first wrote, ‘There is no harder work man does than continuous applied thought.’
          Is it any wonder that everything you’ve tried doesn’t get you where you desire to go?
          So what choice are you going to make?
          ‘Change’ or ‘The Same’
          Here’s how you stay in tune… Are you ready for this?… It may be too simple for you to grasp… It has been up until now!
          You submerge yourself in the information continuously until you have changed.

***END of extract***


How To Get You From Where You Are Now To Certainty In The Shortest Possible Time

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You cannot create the success you have always dreamed of and the most wonderful, peaceful, serene life with a virus ridden mind. You have to clear the virus off, and then if you want success you have to install a new system for focused thought.

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As 'try' to you currently means this... I will give it a try (therefore I am expecting it to fail)

This is a state of mind which is one of the many viruses you have running in your head right now. The process removes these invisible dream killers and replaces them with clear thought.

In a few months you won't use the word 'try' anymore for a while. And then some time after that you may decide to use the word 'try' again but then it'll mean something entirely different to you...

I will give it a try (therefore I am expecting it to succeed)

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