Self Confidence | How To Be Confident Of Success | A Bug Free Mind – Andy Shaw


Appendix B

Some personal adverts for use when replacing your current poor self-advertising

I trust myself

I trust my judgement

I know it will always work out for me

I know I can choose to be happy

I always knew my determination would take me where I ‘wanted’ to go


I am a calm, happy person, who finds the tides of life relaxing and beneficial


I truly love myself. I am a wonderful person and a great and loyal friend


I am a fantastic speaker. Whenever I speak people receive great value


I am always relaxed in every situation


I have the courage to face and defeat. This courage gives me enormous strength each day

I know that success lies on the far side of failure

I know that failure is part of the process of success

I know that my failures will guide me to success if I allow them to

I always obtain results


I am honest

I am ethical

I know I will automatically get more by giving more


I know I am a truly successful person

I am free to create my own world

I can control the wonderful Law of Abundance which is shown in nature

I am nature

I am abundance

I am worthy of success

I create success

I create my own success


I work two days a week from a small office at home

I now and always will earn all that I need to live my life in any way I choose


I educate myself daily, it is always a relaxation and a pleasure

I am always open to new ideas


I am always healthy

I awake with new life and new energy each day

I wake up when I decide to

I wake up with the solution to a problem, or with a new idea


I am an attractive person

I am a likeable person

I am always making new friends

I always give more to those I meet

I am so grateful for my life

I love my family

To start the day:

I know today is going to be a great day

I feel good

I feel happy

I feel vibrant

I feel excited

Today is a GREAT day

Today I feel GOOD

Today wonderful things will happen in my life

I will inspire myself and others today!

I love my life!

I know I will get the best advice

I know I meet the perfect people to help me

I am always finding things funny

I laugh out loud often

When I laugh people enjoy being near me

I love who I am now

I am happy now

I love today

I love now!

I know there is good in everything

I always feel inspired

I always feel good

I choose to always see the benefit

I only look for the good in people

I do not judge people

I am in control of my thoughts

I can still my mind in an instant

I make great decisions

I control my future

I am more confident each day

I am worthy of love

I ask for help when I need it

I give to others by asking for their help

I know helping someone is a two-way street – I always get more back though don’t ever expect to

I am in control

I am a great person

I am able to do whatever I choose I can

I solve problems with ease

I make wise decisions

I offer fantastic advice

I know the best ways to decide

I trust my wonderful intuition

I love decision making

I am patient

I am calm

I am in harmony

I am at peace

I bear no grudges

I don’t hate anything

I can wait

I am relaxed

I make others happy

I make everyone laugh

I enjoy making others laugh

I listen to others

I respect others

I know how to succeed

I am creative

I am a genius

I am grateful for my work

I am grateful

I am grateful for my life

I am grateful for my wife

I am grateful for my husband

I am grateful for my partner

I am grateful for my children

I love what I do

I make good things happen

I decide what happens

I exude confidence

I know I look great

I am always relaxed

I like who I am

I need nothing

I want nothing

I know what is always best for me

I make friends easily

I am love

I am courteous and considerate

I remember

I create without doing

I use the Law of Least Effort

I am grateful always

I focus daily on things which make me happy

I accept what is

I allow more to come

I surrender to what is and accept what is to come

Replace whatever advert hurts you with one of these that helps you.