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"Everyday now more and more people use their mind in the way they did long before the world robbed them of their 'Natural Success Mindset.' To give people back access to their success mindset so that they could live their life and achieve their dreams was, is, and will always be my goal... This feedback for which I am always grateful, lets me know how I'm doing at achieving it....
I designed Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind to change the world one mind at a time... Please see what you think, and if you would like to be in a position to send me feedback like this..."

Andy Shaw


"I want to tell the world what a wonderful book it is and also to help you"

Andy, I was spurred on by your book 'Money for Nothing and your Property for Free' to buy a number of properties. I subsequently got involved with your Cyprus venture, although I never did buy a property. I purchased and read both your Bug Free Mind books and amongst other courses have started my journey to be financially free. I am setting up a number of websites, but was so impressed with your books that I wanted to Since then I have been made redundant, and as a result I have begun to develop. I have since been made redundant, and because of your books I know I will become very wealthy shortly. I want to tell the world what a wonderful book it is and also to help you and I on our journeys to wealth. I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Kind regards, and best of luck on your journey too.

James MacKenzie

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Well what did you think? There's some pretty impressive life-changing stuff in that little lot isn't there?

Still not convinced my A Bug Free Mind Process can change your life? Then would you like to read even more life-changing feedback and discover how you really can change your life.

None of this by the way is 'marketing hype' I'm not interested in promising something I don't deliver on... Which is why I offer a 6 month unconditional guarantee... Probably right now though your conscious mind has you convinced this is all just 'too good to be true...'  This is one of your minds favourite little tricks that it plays on you to keep you stuck in life.

Or your mind is telling you...'It can't be real, you can't have really found the answer to the question you asked...' "Which was... Please show me where to find the answer!"

You see, you really are VERY powerful and have the ability to become successful... You just need to learn how to do it on purpose instead of by accident... And you need to learn to listen once again to your feelings and not so much to your thoughts and then you really will once again after a very long period of absence have access to Your Natural Success Mindset.

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