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"Everyday now more and more people use their mind in the way they did long before the world robbed them of their 'Natural Success Mindset.' To give people back access to their success mindset so that they could live their life and achieve their dreams was, is, and will always be my goal... This feedback for which I am always grateful, lets me know how I'm doing at achieving it....
I designed Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind to change the world one mind at a time... Please see what you think, and if you would like to be in a position to send me feedback like this..."

Andy Shaw


"Profound life change!"

"What was the biggest single benefit you got from reading these books?"

Unbelievably, although I commenced reading the books some 6 or more months ago, I still have not read past the Goal Setting section in Book 2, Using a Bug Free Mind; I have not done so because I have not yet been prepared to set any such goals. I will not go further and set any goals, until such times as I am confident that my life has 'settled' once more; from the affects that reading to that point has caused me.

The biggest benefit that I received so far was re-gaining control of my own thoughts again. I mean finding the real me once more. The fifteen seconds exercise is crucial to finding your way forward. That skill SILENCED my mind completely. At last I could be at rest in my mind, for too long that voice that we all hear speaking within, actually was quieted. Utter peace at last from my constant, previously racing thoughts that controlled my waking and falling to sleep, that woke me during the night and tortured my very existence.

My advice to everyone is this: master the 15 seconds, do not kid yourself that it does not matter, it is crucial to you in more ways than you will ever know without doing so!

"How worthwhile do you think your membership in the site is to you today, and how useful do you think it will be for you in the years to come?"

I find answering this a little difficult at present, for various reasons. Presently the site is incomplete and perhaps under-developed. Please do not mis-construe that to mean that it is not worthy, it just means that it is still being refined and developed to be more positive in achieving its intended outcomes.

"Do you think your membership means that you are certain to succeed?"

No. Reading the books, being a member of the site, being active upon the site is exactly that. The only certainty of success that you can rely upon is that which you know within. Such knowledge may well come from reading the books and truly applying the knowledge and principles laid out in front of you.

"Has your outlook on success changed since before you read the books, if so how?"

I now know that I will be successful at that which I truly focus upon.

That certainty comes from both being able to think with clarity of purpose, gained from application of the principles and thought discussed within the books, and through additional study and learning.

"Did these books deliver on the promise I made you that they were the best books ever written on personal development?"

Yes, in that they take their source from the essence of the other very best self-help books that are available and added to. It is then presented such that you, yourself view, consider, analyse and act upon the subject matter.

The books, nor their author, dictate to you in any way what you should do, you decide that for yourself from having a broader knowledge base and wider perspective to judge from.

"How do you feel now you have read the books?"

Truly privileged, thank you!

"Do you now feel you are at peace and in harmony with what you desire and your life now?"

I am at peace with what I desire from my life, and what my true life's purpose is. As referred to above though, I am still trying/allowing the rest of my life's associations to adjust to that new me. That is by far the most challenging part!

"Have these books changed your life, if so how?"

Yes, profound change, just as night is dark and day is light. My nearest and dearest think I have 'lost my mind'; they're right, I have. What they cannot yet see is that this is not my 'lunacy', it is actually my sanity. Just to sum that up a little, I paste a couple of lines of text that are extracts from Private Messages sent between me and Andy Shaw recently, I trust that Andy will not mind their publication:

Paul: 'Unfortunately, you did not warn the readers of the possible consequences of their newly found understanding where others around them are concerned.'

Andy: A close friend said to me, I don't think people are reading your books, because if they were then all hell would be breaking loose in their lives.

"What would you say to someone to help convince them that these books are worth not only the money but the investment of their time?"

I am not in the business of trying to convince anyone to do anything that they do not so choose for themselves; much in the same way as the information is presented within the books. Having said that, if anyone is at a point in their lives where they desire a different outcome to that which appears to be on their present Horizon, they would not do better than to make the purchase.

"Have you ever read a book that gave you more direction in your life than these?"


"Would you recommend someone become a member of A Bug Free Mind.com?"

I would recommend that someone should take advantage of the 'Trial Membership Offer'. For the trivial cost of such, it will allow them to access all the good information and resources available; therefore allow them to make an informed decision. The other benefits, of which I availed myself of were, it allowed me to access much of the reading content of the books within the site while awaiting the delivery of my copies. Also, and most helpfully and greatly appreciated, it gave an 25% discount on the cost of purchase. Thank you!

"Would you recommend to your friends that they should consider joining or at least read the books?"

I would refer you to the answer above, if you are looking for change in your probable outcomes, yes.

"If you could put a price value on these books, then what would you say the wisdom is worth to you?"


"Would you say the value of these books will be worth to you at least 1,000 times their cost?"

Conservatively, yes.

"Did the books deliver on every single promise I made to you?"

Yes, as far as I have progressed through them, up to the goal setting as stated above.

"Do you think your life has forever changed because of reading these books and in what way?"

Yes. They showed me that what I believed was the voice of my mind speaking to me constantly, that was, in fact, only the voice of my dominating ego controlling my life. I will add just one other comment; please do not take offence at this. If you are offended by it, then it probably means it to be the case. One's ego has been very cleverly controlling the way one thinks for very many years. It is extremely clever and well-practiced at it. It would be very easy to 'believe' that you are following the principles, as taken from the books, playing the role of being finally in control, if you will convinced that you are now the new 'me' in control again. However, think very carefully as it may well be that your ego is convincing you of such, it may still really be in control, guiding your actions, playing the part and not actually living it!

Paul Bowyer (Laptoptoriches.com) - Stockton-on-Tees - UK

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