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“Jumpstart Your Morning With Gifts From Your Subconscious Mind Power!”
Follow This Simple Advice To Instantly Change Your Life
By Andy Shaw

Your subconscious mind is amazing… It handles all of the billions of calculations and actions that are required in your body in every single second without hardly ever bothering you… You do it all on auto-pilot. You don’t need and will never need to think about it.
However, your subconscious mind power can do wondrous other things for you too as running these billions of functions every second is not even breaking a sweat for it. If you know how to tap into its power then you can have these wondrous things on demand… Up until now you most likely will have only experienced them by accident.

Let’s say, at a party or when chatting somewhere, you surprised yourself with an answer you came out with. When you were in the shower, you had a brilliant idea. Or all of a sudden you woke up and had the answer to a problem you had been looking for. These were when you did it by accident, however, just imagine if you could do it on demand.

You see, you can tap into your subconscious mind power very easily. But because the way the worlds teaches intelligence is all sort of bent out of shape. Your subconscious mind has access to infinite intelligence… You however, are mostly too dumbed down to tap into it.

The way we are taught to learn things puts up barriers to us solving big problems… Yet huge problems are still overcome… and massive leaps in understanding occur… but from where?

Well it comes from someone bothering to ask the right question and get themselves unknowingly into the right state of mind to receive the answer. You see you have access to every answer you’ll ever want inside your head, you just have to know you have. Not believe it, you have to know it to access it on demand.

Tapping Into Your Subconscious Mind Power

When you know it, you just have to learn to access it. That’s when the law of least effort comes in. To force is unnatural and ‘feels’ wrong’; to go with the flow is natural and feels right.

The answer is to give the problem to your mind to solve and then to let go of it and use no force to acquire the solution… You DON’T think about ‘trying’ to solve it. You can think about it but you must not try and force an answer.

"Successful people naturally follow their subconscious mind as they know it knows what is best for them."

Let’s say you ask your mind a question… How could I solve (insert subject), pause for thought for a few seconds and feel grateful that you will get the answer. (I.e. you know you will, you don’t need to, you just know you will. If you doubt it… then you won’t get it!) Then let go of the thought. I would advise going and doing something else - interrupt your pattern a little.

Let your subconscious mind go to work on the subject, and do not expect an answer quickly. You can expect an answer, but always remember to know that it will be given to you at the right time and in the right way (you can expect without need or want). This allows you to let go and let things happen… You are using the law of least effort.

Then at some point you will all of a sudden have your solution… It will just come to you. I am not teaching you anything new here, just showing you what you have already done by accident countless times in your life. However, knowing this means you can now start to do it on purpose instead.

What you are doing when you practise these techniques is expanding your mind power. You are learning how to tap into the limitless subconscious mind power you have available to you.

The more you practise the more efficient you will become at it. If you practise it enough then you will one day have access to it almost everywhere you go. However, there is one place where you have access to it really easily…

The Easiest Place To Access Your Unlimited Mind Power

How would you like to wake up every morning with the answer to any question, or many questions? All you have to do is wait until you are really tired and go to bed. In the moments before you fall asleep just ask your questions and then fall asleep.

When you wake up you will be given your solution. If you do not have your solution, then it is simply that you do not need it yet, you only think you need it. Or you have not given your mind enough time to think on it.

Just ask the question again each night before you sleep and within a few weeks you will have been given the answer… It may not be the answer you wanted, but it will be the answer that is best for you.

However, there is one very important thing you must do in order to receive these gifts each day… Get your alarm clock and put it in the bin. I know you think you can’t but you can… If you doubt me, ask your mind how you can and it will provide the solution to this one fairly quickly… as it doesn’t like the damn thing either.

There is a period of time before you wake up which is the best time of the day. It lasts about twenty minutes and in that time you are in direct contact with your subconscious mind… The last thing you thought about before going to bed will be in your mind and this is where the solution comes from.

In that access period you can mull on the solution and then tweak it a little by almost unconsciously going, ‘Yes that’s the answer, but the question I meant was actually xyz…’ Because you have access you’ll get the tweaked response pretty quickly and a lot of times as you think the question the answer is already there.

Learning to nurture your 10 – 20 minutes of access to your subconscious mind power will mean expanding the other times you can access it. All you have to do is practise… However, if you’ve been snapped out of your sleep by an alarm clock, you may have missed the answer being given to you… But you certainly missed improving the answer in the 10 to 20 minutes…

Have you’ve ever wondered why an idea turned out so bad after it felt so good at the start? It is because you didn’t bat the idea about a little with your subconscious mind until you attained the perfect solution for you… As the first answer is not always the answer, it can be… but only if you asked the right question.

As you have this wake up period you are learning to ask better questions… it is very likely that a big reason why you are not successful is that you have an alarm clock. You are missing the best thinking time of the day because of it.
"Successful people know they will always find the answer, they just aren't sure how they will find it, just that they will."

It took me years of trial and error to really figure out what works out of what is taught and what doesn't. The problem is that when it comes to using your mind power, it is not so much what works and what doesn't as it is in the way in which you attempt to access it.

Let me repeat that, it took me years, years of trial and error

This is why when I found something that did work, I took the method, refined it and then wrote it down in a way which meant I could teach it to others.... Then I worked on it some more.

I put all of my mind power tools together into two tool boxes, "Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind."

They contain literally hundreds if not thousands of great tools and thought techniques for controlling and utilizing your full mind power. And it's a great place to start if you want to make an informed decision of whether or not you want control over your mind power.

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