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“The REAL Reason Why You're Not Successful”
Follow This Simple Advice To Instantly Change Your Life
By Andy Shaw

I am about to tell you the reason you aren’t and won’t become successful. When I tell you, you will think you know it but you don’t know it… In other words it is an invisible problem to you because you think you know it. If you are ready to realise that you don’t know it then finally you will have begun your journey to becoming successful… As until you know this, you are heading in the wrong direction.
However, your chance of waking up from this self imposed sleep after reading this is 5% at best… So if you would rather avoid the effort in reading and stay asleep… then I suggest you read another article instead… Or if you want to know why you're not doing it and 'then' learn how to be successful... Read on...

The answer to why you’re not successful is NOT going to surprise you… But that doesn’t mean you know it. No you barely know it at all…

The problem is that the little bit you do actually know is working like a cancer and eating away at your chances of success. And what’s more, you don’t know that and you almost certainly won’t know that, even after I put it down in crystal clear language for you….

Sure, you’ll be able to say I know that and you’ll even be able to talk to others about it…. But you won’t know it… Not like I know it, Not like Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, every successful person on the planet knows it.

No, you won’t know it like them. But your ego will convince you that you do. And it will convince you that I am wrong. You will feel justified that you do know it and you will be happy to know what you need to do to become successful.

Then six months from now your life will not have changed. You will have forgotten your ego convincing you that you knew it. And you will have forgotten that I wrote this for you right now to predict it all. You will then need to learn the same lesson again that I am teaching you today…

But again your ego will convince you that you know it.

Your subconscious mind will keep serving you up the answer and your ego will keep convincing you that you know it. You will believe it because it’s good at convincing you and you will go back to sleep until the pain of being wrong forces you to seek the answer out again.

"Successful people know that themselves not others is the greatest enemy to their success, so they work on getting out of their own way."

Your subconscious mind will provide the answer again, but it will be what you know, so you will know you know it… And you will repeat the same pattern again for the rest of your life. You will think you are stuck in a rut, whereas the truth is you are just failing to learn the lesson. Because you think you already know the answer.

You see, I know how your mind works and I know how it is 99.86% likely that you will read this and still fail to become what you desire to be right now. Because the very instant I tell you what it is, you let go of your mind power and hand control of it over to the voice inside your head, who is not you.

The Real Monster In You

That’s right, there is an entity inside your head that is not you and is NOT your friend. He/she sounds like you though and they know your deepest darkest secrets… They know every single little twist and turn you’ve made. They know every feeling you’ve had… Your enemy to success KNOWS YOU. And it knows how to keep you away from what you desire in this instant.

But shall we do a test to see if I’m right or if you are the one in control of your thoughts? After all, we’ve probably never met and you have lived with your mind 24/7 since birth… So is it even possible that I can read your mind and know what you are going to think and do?

Sure, it’s easy as I have an advantage over you… I control what thoughts are in my head, you don’t… Right now you think you do, but you don’t. Whereas I am in full control of my mind power nearly all the time.

You see, I have had many extraordinary successes… But I had one extraordinary failure and I got to meet first hand the voice in my head which brought about the failure. Once I met him and noticed he was there, I was able to dismantle his control over my mind.

Because you haven’t met him/her yet… well you have but you haven’t realised yet that they are not your friend. Then you haven’t started work on removing this invader of your mind. So to the test…

I’m going to give you the answer that the title of this promises to give you. But before reading this article little thoughts may have gone through your mind… Like, ‘I doubt this will be anything new… I don’t think this will help but I suppose I’d better read it…’ These or similar ‘tiny little’ negative thoughts passed through your mind… They were thoughts that probably passed unnoticed so you may have to consider what you thought for a while to remember them.

After I’ve told you the answer, the voice in your head is going to say something to you… and if you are a successful person you will hear one thing. If you are an unsuccessful person you will hear something else… I’ll tell you what you heard afterwards and it will tell you your current future.

So just listen to what you say to your self, sit inside your mind as you read this. Read it and be in your mind as I am about to reveal to you the real reason you are not successful yet….

You don’t know what you want. You need to decide absolutely what you want from your life. When you know that then every step you take takes you in the direction of success.
"Successful people have monsters in their minds too. They just are able to see them for what they are, when they try and intrude into their lives."

Told you it wouldn’t surprise you, but it is the reason you are not successful yet. Currently you are focusing all your mind power on acquiring new information. You think the secret to your success lies outside of your mind in some new piece of wisdom you’ve yet to learn.

Let me tell you a secret, I know who’s going to be successful and who isn’t. In one conversation I can tell if you will or you won’t. That doesn’t mean you can’t, it just means you won’t, unless you do things a whole lot differently.

But what did you say to yourself once you knew the reason why you are not successful yet?

  • “Yes I know that.”
  • “Yes, I know I really must do that.”
  • “Oh! I thought you were going to tell me something new.”
  • “Is that all? You’ve wasted my time now!”
  • “This guy’s wrong! See, you knew there would be nothing new here, let’s move on as the answer will be elsewhere. I know it’s close I can feel it, we have to just keep looking.”

If you have an unnatural unsuccessful mindset then you will have heard that voice inside your head.

If you had the same mindset and you are at the point of accepting that you don’t know stuff then you may have said nothing at all, or you may have said, “Really?” This is a good thing as it means you are at a tipping point and just need to read more in other areas to tip yourself over to learning what you need to do.

If you said, “Damn it, I know this… why am I not doing it?” Then you need to dig in here and do it… The reason you are not doing it because you are slipping back into unconscious thought instead of figuring it out… The trickster in your mind knows your secrets and knows what you want and gives you what you want, that is the reason you’re not doing it.

The truth is, unless you are applying the technique and have figured out what you want, then unfortunately no matter what the little voice in your head said… YOU DON’T KNOW IT!

And unless you learn that you don’t know it… you will NEVER know it.

Do You Want A Life Of Prominent Insignificance?

Right now you think because you know it on an intellectual level, and you can discuss it with people, that you actually know it… If you’re not successful then you don’t know anything worth knowing about this subject… And the very tiny little insignificant fact that you know the words truly means f**k all.

Unless you learn that, you are doomed to repeat the same mistake. Everywhere you go, everything you read, every lesson you learn, will mean nothing and you will not become successful…

Sure you’ll be able to talk a good talk. You’ll have a great time impressing people with your intellectual prowess on internet forums or at parties… but you will never be a success… You will have mastered prominent insignificance though.

Is that what you want for your life… Prominent insignificance?

Well that’s your future. You see, if you continue to think you know that then you will drift away from here. Pick up a few mind power gems and go back to your life the way it was…

Six months from now someone will say something that will snap you out of your waking sleep. And you will realise that you need to do something about becoming successful as what you are doing doesn’t seem to be working… Then you will repeat the cycle again…

This by the way, is almost certainly not your first trip through the cycle. The reason you appear stuck is that you are not learning the lessons… You do not know it!

The only time you can ever say that you know what you want, is when you can nutshell it in a sentence - Have the complete picture of your life and everything it will look like instantly - without effort - come into your mind.

Then you’ll know it. Until then you don’t know it, despite what the little voice is saying to you.

The real, real reason why you’re not and won’t ever be successful (until you change) is that you think you know things that you don’t actually know. But because you think you know them, you don’t give them any thought. This is your ego’s most powerful illusion. It convinces you that you know it by saying, ‘Oh yes I know that!’

But if you are not applying it (in other words if you are not living it), then you don’t know it and unfortunately it is almost certain (99.86% actually) that you never will.

The solution of course is simple… Wake up and realise that even though you know it intellectually, this means f**k all. As if you are not applying it, it would’ve been better to not have ever ‘known’ it at all.

If you want the solution then all you have to do is work on actually knowing that you don’t know it. Dig in at that point as it is the reason you are not successful yet. And when you look back at your life, maybe you will work out that not knowing this has got you here. But what would your life have looked like if you had known where you wanted to go 30 years ago?

What’s happened has happened… What will happen is down to you learning to silence the voice in your mind so that YOU, not it, can decide where you want to go.

To rid yourself of this monster must be done with 'different thinking' than the thinking which created this monster in the first place...

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