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“Turbo-charge Your Ability To Manifest Your Desires - Easy As 1-2-3!”
Follow This Simple Advice To Instantly Change Your Life
By Andy Shaw

Everyone, including you, is a natural born expert at manifesting…

Yep, that’s everyone and it includes you! You probably don’t believe me right now, but if you read all of this and practise what I show you… Then you will not need to believe that will become irrelevant!
Manifesting is how we create our lives around us. We bring into our lives what is aligned with our thoughts. It is as natural to us to do this as it is to breathe in and out… And your understanding it is not necessary for it to work with you, or work against you.
  • If you think you haven’t locked the front door enough times then pretty soon you will forget to lock the front door.
  • If you worry that you will not be able to do something on the computer then you will create more things to worry about when using a computer.
  • If you think you will go to the cinema tonight then you will probably go to the cinema tonight.

You see, manifesting isn’t just about manifesting $1,000, 000 into your bank account, manifesting is everything we do it is our natural state. It is impossible for you to have anything in your life if you have not thought about it first…

Now if your life is sh*t then it is because you are manifesting your life that way. If your life is a success and you have all or nearly all you desire then it is because you are manifesting your life that way.

The popular name for it is The Law of Attraction, but all it is is you using the raw mind power of your subconscious mind to work for you. This law isn’t with you and it isn’t against you, it is just a law. It is in balance and how we use our mind power denotes the results we get.

If you don’t like your current results in some areas of your life then what you must do is train your brain to think better thoughts, this is how to manifest on purpose, instead of by accident. You simply activate the power of your subconscious mind to work with you instead of the way you are currently using it to work against you. In some areas that is, in some areas you are using your mind power exceptionally well now.

Can You Use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind?

Let me ask you a question? Do you believe you can manifest?


Well you are reading this aren’t you? At some point you considered in your mind that you would like some help or guidance, or maybe even the solution to your current pain. Silently your subconscious mind went out into the infinite intelligence and conspired (manifested) to bring you here right now….

If you are here, or if you were at any other point in your life or ever will be, then you too can manifest. So everyone, including you can do this, just as we can all breath in and out.

"Successful people manifest success without needing to think. If you are not successful, then you will need to think before you can do the same."

Still struggling to ‘believe’ you can do it? Or are you secretly ‘hoping’ you can’t otherwise you may have to take responsibility for all of the sh*t you’ve actually manifested into your life so far?

Don’t worry, it’s a normal feeling when you are not in control of your ability to manifest… But it is only normal… it is definitely not natural… and needs to be changed if you ever wish to live the life of your dreams.

Let me ask you another question? Do you believe in gravity?

Sure you do, otherwise you’d fly off into space! But do you know exactly how gravity works? Do you need to know for it to be of benefit to you?

Of course not, it just is, you accept it as it is and offer no resistance. Everything there is in our Universe is here because of laws, laws like gravity. So it is reasonable to assume that there are laws which govern how we create our lives in line with our thoughts.

No! You disagree, you need proof right?

Well I could give you proof but that’s boring and you’re probably not ready for the proof yet anyway. Your mind right now wants to fight what is.

You see, once you get in tune with how things work then you go with the flow instead of opposing it. If you have things in your life which you don’t like then you are simply putting up resistance and need to stop. You are fighting the rules and not using the tools you’ve been given access to in the right way… That’s all!

Going with the flow here on this belief point… is deciding to just go with it and see what happens when you do. There is no need to make a decision if something works or not, so why decide when you do not need to?

This is a failing of unsuccessful people, they need to have reached a decision so that they can place something in a box. However, this need then causes a problem, because the decision then becomes a belief. And a belief may be later brought into doubt because new information has come along which questions the decision…

So unsuccessful people struggle because they are always resisting something. They are in this case resisting that they made the wrong decision. What they don’t realise is that the decision they made wasn’t the wrong one, making any decision was actually the wrong one.

Decisions create future resistance. Resistance to what is slows down your ability to create what you desire and increases your ability to create more resistance.

Going With The Flow = An Easy Ride, Going Against The Flow = A Hard Ride

If your life feels hard then it is because you are opposing the flow of life, you are not leading your life using the natural governing laws in your favour. Successful people are doing that. They may not know they are doing that but it doesn’t change the fact that they are….

They don’t need to know because they are ‘in tune’ with their natural success mindset. However, if you are leading an unfulfilled life in some key areas then you need to know.

So getting back to belief, you can choose not to believe you can manifest and that no one else can, and then this doesn’t help you as you will be right. Or you can choose to believe that you and everyone can manifest… And then when your ego gives you an example (which you can’t understand) of how you cannot manifest… then later you will create resistance via a dis-belief.

Or you can make the best decision there is, and that is to make no decision whether it works or not right now. Just be your natural self, do not oppose life and go with the flow. Going with the flow is saying, ‘Hey if this helps me then sure I’ll use it.’

No conflict, no decision, no need to be right = no resistance is manufactured using your mind power.

So now we’ve dealt with the fact that what I’m sharing with you here may be of benefit to you, but only if you offer no resistance to it. Then let’s move on to turbo-charging your results.

Tuning In To Your Subconscious Mind Power

Currently there will be things you desire in your life which you do not have and you worry that if you don’t act fast that you will never get. This is resistance and needs to be let go of. As one of the reasons you won’t get them is that you are putting up a barrier to get them.

"Successful people have no time to worry about not getting it, because they are too busy making it happen."

Your worry which is, ‘I don’t think I’m going to get.’ Says to your mind, give me more of this feeling of not getting it. So your subconscious mind provides it for you very well. And in exactly the same way as your subconscious mind provides for you when you think, ‘Hey I’m going to the shops.’

The difference between going to the shops and having a few million in a bank account, is that you know what going to the shops feels like. You know what you’ll have to do to get there and you know that if you want to go you can… anytime you desire. So you are not creating any resistance to your trip to the shops. And you have provided your subconscious mind with all the options necessary for it to complete the task for you.

But where it comes to a few million in the bank, sure you know what it looks like, but you do not know what it feels like. You do not know in detail the benefits you will get from it in your life…

Yes, you know some superficial non-specific stuff… But when you go to the shops to buy something you want… let’s say an Apple (it can be anything you want). You have had an Apple before, you know the benefits, you know and understand ‘without thought’ why you want an Apple because you have had an Apple before…

If you wanted to right now you could journey back in time in your mind to a time where you eat an Apple. You could see yourself eating it, and the taste, the texture, the juice. Then you can see yourself throwing the core away.

You in an instant ‘without thought’ have already had that Apple, but you haven’t gone to the shops to buy it yet! (Without thought is the key here, and it is the law of least effort in action).

So where have you had the Apple? You have had it in your mind. You have manifested it and the rest of your actions are just to go about and bring that manifestation into real life (your actions being, you will go to the shops, buy it, eat the Apple and throw away the core). You can bring this Apple into real life because you are putting up no resistance to you manifesting it.

However, about the things you desire in life, you are offering resistance. When you think about having all of that money, or you think about a big business, or a life partner, or winning a sporting event, or whatever… You allow resistance in by not having gone and experienced the whole thing happening first!

If you want to have something, you first have to have it in your mind. If you have not had it there, then you will not have it in real life. To have it in your mind, all you have to do is design it fully. Every single detail.,. Do that and pretty soon, without effort, and without the need for belief you will get to the stage of knowing.

‘…That it is simply not possible for you to not have it in your life!’

Is it not ‘possible’ for you to have the Apple in your life? Of course not, because you accept you can create it. Is it not ‘possible’ for you to not live the life of your dreams? Sure, as your first thoughts are always to throw up doubts and possible reason whys you couldn’t… Is there any wonder that you can manifest the stuff you know you can have, and is there any wonder you can’t manifest the stuff you want to have? Because your first thought is to always offer resistance.

But you didn’t resist that you could create the Apple… This is mind power and it takes great power of thought for you to have riches when you are surrounded by poverty… But if you desire that life then that is what you have to do. Thinking your current way will just result in you manifesting more of what you’ve got.

Using The Power Of Your Mind To Have It Before You Get It

You letting go of your resistance is like turbo-charging your ability to manifest.

Your everyday problems, which have been created by your ability to manifest bad stuff by accident instead of good stuff on purpose, puts up resistance barriers in certain areas of your life. In other areas of your life you’re really good at manifesting what you want, and you are good in those areas because you know you can… You can ‘conceive’ you can.

Your first step to being able to manifest on demand is to accept your life as it is; to no longer resist what you created. Accept that you got it wrong…It will probably take another six months to a year to slow down and stop the stream of bad manifestations coming to you and have them replaced with good ones… Accept it, as it is what it is!

Your acceptance of it frees you of the need to re-create the same set of problems again. When you know you can, you can. If you doubt you can, then you can’t…

Doubt after all is a choice, and is of course resistance. You don’t need to believe or dis-believe in this to apply it, you can just go with the flow and not expect anything. Be cool if things go bad and be cool if things go well. Just relax, go with the flow and offer no internal resistance. Just spend time thinking about the way you would like it to work out…

Seek out possible ways that it could work out, see the steps you need to take to have it work out in your mind… And then when it feels right, step foot on your path and go and create your own good luck… Do all of that and you will have manifested the life of your dreams… Then all that is left to be done is for you to go about your life enjoying it as you know you are on the right path to creating it.

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