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Welcome to A Bug Free Mind's irregular newsletter from Andy Shaw. I have a passion for finding out how to get people's natural success mindset's switched back on. This newsletter is irregular because I don't want to feel compelled to fill up a newsletter with stuff just so that I send you something. So you'll only get these when I think I have written something timely or revealing which will help you to 'think differently' and 'think smart' so that you can transform your 'thinking skills.'

I say think differently as your current thinking has got you to where you are today and if you want more then you are going to have to think differently and my aim is to help you do it.

I also share with you a little about what I am doing on my own life journey regarding how I'm using my success mindset (as I am one of those people who are still in touch with their natural success mindset, society and my peer group didn't kill my success mindset off). I also share any tools and resources I am using to help me along the way.

I trust this will benefit your life,



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On The Blog: How to never procrastinate, over analyze, or worry about failure again!

Do you suffer with procrastination?

Or do you call it analysis paralysis?

Or do you think that it’s fear of failure?

It probably isn’t any of those; they are just labels we stick on something like this when we can’t make a decision.

I’ve said many times before that you do not need to make a decision when the answer becomes self-evident, then no decision is necessary.

However, I hadn’t explained before the process I use to get an idea off the ground to the stage where it becomes self-evident.

If you want to know how to make the decision… If you want to know how to know it is the right decision… If you want to know how to be certain that the idea isn’t a bad one, how it isn’t a good one, but instead how it is an AWESOME one…

Then you must read this Special Report which I’ve created to show you…Read more…

Business Success Resource: Improving Your Websites Rank In The Search Engine's
By Andy Shaw

The first part of selling your services online is having a website. You need somewhere for prospective customers to come and visit you, see if they like what you are doing and maybe purchase.

But pretty soon after the excitement of having your own website wears off you then begin to realise you need 'Traffic.' As what you've done with your website is effectively built a store and then placed it in the middle of nowhere and are expecting people to come along and buy from you.


But without being able to find you they have no idea you exist. There are stacks of ways to get traffic to your site and I will cover more of the ways I'm doing in other posts.

But today I'm going to speak about one part of one of those methods. As online success is similar to an engine, and an engine has multiple parts. Well this is one of those useful parts that make your car go a lot faster!

Success Mindset Article: Are You Working Yourself To Death Going Nowhere?
Are You Working Yourself To Death? Just So You Can: Eat, Sh*t, & Pay Debt?

By Andy Shaw

If so, you need to stamp this number into your mind right now : 525,600


...Because that's how many minutes there are in a year. Do you realise that unless you are already a success that each year you will spend over half a million minutes with absolutely no return on your investment...

That's crazy isn't it? Or do you not 'believe' me? If you didn't then it is easy for you to measure...

How successful have you become since this time last year? Or five years ago, or even ten!

When you actually break it down, it becomes crystal clear that every single unsuccessful person there is 'and' has ever been just spends their time freely without having any sort of investment check on their time at all! How is it that you ever think you can become successful if you do not know how to measure the value of your time? Let alone actually measure it?

If you have been trying to become successful for 10 years then you have invested over Five Million minutes... And for what return?

Nothing, no tangible results. So you have not invested your time at all, you are just spending it! You are not accountable for your success or your failure... And yet unsuccessful people cannot figure out why they are not successful.

The reason why most people and almost certainly you cannot become successful is you do not know the value of your time. You do not know what is a good investment of it and what is a bad investment. So because you do not know, you spend instead of invest.



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What I will teach you is how to consciously control your mind to deliver what you really want from your life... To do this you have to think differently, so I've made that easy for you to do with my Bug Free Mind process...

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What You Say & Questions:
Hello Andy,
I have been reading your book creating ABFM since I order it back in March. Its been now 6 months and I'm only half way through my second read of the book. I find myself thinking clearer but there is still lots of junk as you would say. I read in the book that you suggest to read this book 5 times before moving on to the second book. Is that correct? If that is the case, at this pace it would take me a little over a year from now only to clear my mind in the first place. Is that correct or am I getting it wrong? Can I start reading the second book after I finish my second read of CBFM? What do you suggest? I would love to start creating and using the power of creation.
Another question is: do you think this Hypnosis are necessary or you suggest them just as another useful tool? Thank you for your great help. Your book has changed my way of thinking.
Blessings to you and your family.

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That's it for this newsletter! I trust you have enjoyed it and that it has given you something to think about. Remember if you do not control your thoughts then your ego controls them for you... Do yourself a favour and spend some time inside your mind observing your thoughts. Time spent there is never wasted...

Till next time!



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