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Hello Andy,
I have been reading your book creating ABFM since I order it back in March. Its been now 6 months and I'm only half way through my second read of the book. I find myself thinking clearer but there is still lots of junk as you would say. I read in the book that you suggest to read this book 5 times before moving on to the second book. Is that correct? If that is the case, at this pace it would take me a little over a year from now only to clear my mind in the first place. Is that correct or am I getting it wrong? Can I start reading the second book after I finish my second read of CBFM? What do you suggest? I would love to start creating and using the power of creation.
Another question is: do you think this Hypnosis are necessary or you suggest them just as another useful tool? Thank you for your great help. Your book has changed my way of thinking.
Blessings to you and your family.


Hi German,

You have overcome your ego and convinced yourself where to dig so you know you are going to keep going till you get it embedded. There is no fixed number of times, some bits I learnt in an instant and some bits took me 30 – 60 times to get. The Golden Book technique will help speed this up for you now that you have already applied so much thought in the right area.

Also let yourself read the second book, as this has to be enjoyable too. If it becomes too much like work to you then you’ll stop reading it and won’t like it as much. There’s stuff in there which will inspire you to fix the stuff in place from the first book once you know it’s there.
No the hypnosis stuff is not necessary they are just another tool. Self hypnosis like I teach in the books is essential though.
If you start to get disillusioned about the time, then just remember this is worth the effort I have never learnt anything more powerful than this in my entire life. I spend a large portion of my time re-reading this myself as a continual tune in process.
Let me know if you get stuck, happy to offer potential solutions
Best wishes


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