“How Can I Visualize Everything I Want While Maintaining A Perfect Relationship?”
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Hello Andy,

About six months ago, my brother gave me your books as a present for my birthday. I did not start reading your books until two weeks ago. You know, I have this job and I'm quiet happy with it and only if it pays well I wouldn't be looking for another one.

For more that two years now, I have been searching for a new job that will not only make me happy but is financially rewarding as well. But my quest is not succeeding and to top it off, I have also difficulties maintaining relationships. Since I started reading your book, I'm beginning to believe that I can achieve all my goals in life and if I just put to practice what I'm reading, I will achieve everything.

The only roadblock I'm facing right now is how can I visualize everything from having a new job that I have been searching for while maintaining a perfect relationship? Will using affirmation help or must I continue practicing how to visualize better to get a clearer picture in my mind?



Hi Sarah,

Everything is possible when you start to trust in yourself and your ability to deliver. The past is the past and cannot be changed. But you can shape your future as you desire it. Do not let the past decide your future.

Just act daily in ways that support your vision for your future. You don't have to have the whole picture mapped out in complete detail yet, you can do the majority of that when you've finished the de-bugging process, or at least got a lot of it done.

Just imagine yourself having a well-paid job and also having a meaningful relationship. See yourself being the partner someone else desires, the partner you know you can be. Stop looking to get in your relationship, look to give. Just know that the person who you are looking for is looking for you too… Then just relax, they are part of your design and you will find them… If you know you will.

Feel the energy of this and relax, knowing it will happen if you use your thoughts creatively. There are many ways of using your mind, and if affirmations feel most comfortable to you then begin with them, but eventually you want to practice all the techniques and not just one.

Everything exists for you as a possibility. Never doubt yourself or your ability to create a new more empowering life for yourself. I'm glad the time was right for you to pick the books up.

Don't just read the book transform yourself, you have the ability. There is a wealth of information in them and on here for you to succeed in creating the life you desire.

Best wishes



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