“My mind is all over the place and there seems to be no solution?”
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Hi Andy,

Too be honest I was hoping to have made a lot more progress with this site than I've done so. I'm attempting to read through the books and I've read and re-read chapters over and over again. The problem is that nothing is sticking and I'm constantly trying to master the 15 sec technique but even though I am sometimes able to get to 15 seconds I'm unable to attach and good feelings to my memory even for a split second. And after doing the technique I don't really feel any better. I can see how this stuff could help the average bugged-mind but I believe that my own mind has been infected to a point that even these books (and site) don't have the answers. I have looked through the whole site and found no one who has this problem. I now have a very poor memory and cannot concentrate on anything for more that a few seconds, in short my mind is all over the place and there seems to be no solution on this site anywhere.

D. B.

Hi D B,

Ref your not getting anywhere…

Slow yourself down, and ask yourself what benefit there is to you of being dragged off by your mind… Interrupt your minds interruptions and demand an answer to the question. What is the benefit for me in you continually interrupting me… I want an answer!

Come on, give me an answer… No don’t drag me off, I want an answer.

There is no answer of course, but this will give you some moments of silence. Your wish at the moment is actually to self-sabotage yourself, because it’s the easy route. Don’t worry this is ok, it just needs to be accepted and watched.

Just observe it and smile, because you are onto it… Take small steps, there is no solution offered anywhere until you can silence your mind. That’s where freedom from your ego exists and you can obtain it when you accept that you are creating it… Then you can decide to stop creating it… First for a few seconds and then for longer, if it feels good.

Let me know how you get on, and I’ll put this on the site together with my response as if you’re having this trouble then someone else may be, and definitely will be in the future… but obviously won’t add your name!

Best wishes



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