The Bug Free Mind Process - Audios
Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind

Create All The Success, Financial Freedom & Love In Your Life
That You Could Ever Possibly Desire.
Success in any area of life uses the same system
and it is natural to all of us.
It can work by accident or work on purpose.
For years I considered why some people struggled to succeed at getting all they wanted from life and why some people seemed to succeed with ease.

It was puzzling why people struggled when there were so many clearly written manuals on the subject. Eventually after a long time and at considerable cost, I stumbled upon the key difference between those who could succeed easily and those who struggled.

The main reason people struggled and suffered with pain in life was that they had never been taught 'How To Think'. They had just been taught 'What To Think'. What happens then in nearly every person on earth is that without this basic structure to their thinking, it leaves their successful state of mind down to chance. Which means they bump about through life by accident, instead of on purpose.

In this accidental approach all sorts of mind mess and pain is created in their life, which results in 'Bugs' developing in their minds. Then as a person ages these 'Bugs' build up, so when the person attempts to learn some form of self improvement they are effectively just loading good software onto a computer with a virus.

People fail and feel that as they haven't succeeded it must be their fault. But it's simply that they haven't been taught how to think, so that they automatically prevent the build up of 'Bugs'. Attempting to succeed without first knowing how to think will almost always result in failure. So how can that be a persons fault? If they do not know it is broken, then how can they expect to fix it.
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Can you intuitively feel there's a missing piece
in your education?
The frustration students felt before going through the Bug Free Mind Process for the first time was that nothing seemed to work for them, no matter what they studied. They used to wonder what they were doing wrong. After all they were reading all the books, trying to 'think positively.' But success just wasn't showing up.

The truth about success is that it's simply a matter of doing certain things in a certain order. The problem is that if one of the items is missed, or the order is messed up, then success can easily appear elusive. Whereas, actually it was just being attempted in the wrong way and therefore certain to fail. Now it may not seem it right now, but this is good news, as once understood then success becomes certain. Learn more >

Success means different things to all of us.
Your vision of success is different to mine. The Bug Free Mind Process turns you into the very best 'you' that you can be. It does this by teaching you how to think with simple structured thinking as opposed to random chaotic thoughts.

For example, if you are a Christian it will make you a better Christian. If you are a Muslim it will make you a better Muslim. If you are a businessman, it will make you a better Businessman. If you are a Salesman, it will make you a better Salesman. If you are a Leader, it will make you a better Leader. Whatever your vision of success looks like, it will allow you to become the person you want to be.
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All thoughts are connected, like water is connected.
As you age your mind is automatically filled up
with muddy water.
Without simple structured thinking you have no filtration system for your mind, which means your mind can be polluted with poor quality thoughts from others. We are taught that the way to fix this is to pour clean water (new education) into a muddy mind. This is clearly wrong, but the whole world does it this way. This is because before the Bug Free Mind Process came along, there was no other choice. The secret is to clean the whole mind of pollution in one go. This is what Creating A Bug Free Mind is all about. Learn more >

Your success begins & ends in your mind.
For you to go the extra mile, your mindset
needs structure to be free.
We have forgotten that knowledge is not wisdom, but applied knowledge is. What the Bug Free Mind Process does is teach how to apply all the wisdom you learn.

For example, we can all read the Maxim, 'Be the change you want to see in the world', but virtually no one can apply this because they have no automatic thinking process for doing so. This is what The Bug Free Mind Process does amongst other things, it gets you to apply being the change you want to see in the world and does it in a very light and easy way. 
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To succeed & enjoy the journey you must become free
of all worry, doubt, fear, depression and stress.
Success cannot exist when your mind is suffering
from these mind ailments.
We are taught that the journey is the reward, but how can it be the reward if you are living in pain and suffering with constant worry, fear, depression and more?

To create success a person has to be free of all mind ailments, so fixing this comes before you attempt to become successful. We were not born with ailments of the mind, meaning they were programmed into us. For all things bad which happen in the mind Creating A Bug Free Mind clears it.

From there Using A Bug Free Mind gives you back your natural successful ability. This is the very same ability you used to do the hardest thing you'll ever do in life, which was learn to walk. In this part of the process you get back your natural genius which was lost through never having been taught how to think, just what to think.

What we were not taught, was that we are all naturally successful, we just need to learn once again how to communicate with our minds natural language and then success becomes certain once again.
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Success by design, not by accident.
The way we are taught to think, tells us that if we work really hard that then 'maybe' success will show up. However, I always thought this sounded wrong and far too much like hard work. Most people live their lives bumping about through life, going from one catastrophe to the next. They take no time to consider the possibility that they could design their life to be easy and catastrophe free. Learn more >