A Bug Free World Mastermind Community Site
A Bug Free World Community Site

A mastermind community of people studying the
Bug Free Mind Process from over
110 countries around the world.
Surround yourself with like-minded people who
understand that through helping you, they
automatically help themselves.

One of the biggest barriers to success is quite often the people you hang around with. They laugh at your ‘crazy’ dreams and say you're wasting your time. So don’t tell those people who won’t help you, talk to the people who will. Birds of a feather flock together.

          There is a BIG advantage when stepping out on the journey to success; in going with people you don’t know but desire the same thing. It's like being given “permission” to BE who you want to be, not who everyone EXPECTS you to be. (There's a big difference)

          During the time you spend in A Bug Free World each day, you'll be associating with people who want success. The shape and size of their success may be completely different to yours. But they are looking for the same thing you are - To actively PURSUE their own happiness.

          What A Bug Free World does is provide you with a virtual world where the environment is filled with rich thought and people always thinking, or attempting to think, with the principles laid down in A Bug Free Mind. Learn more >

The fastest way to mastery of a subject is to teach
it to others as you are learning it yourself.
The single best way of learning is to teach it to others. This is what the A Bug Free World Community site was designed for. First you'll learn and ask questions and in this process focus your dominant attention on the subject.

Then you'll begin seeing that you can answer some of the newcomers' questions. As you do this so your knowledge on the subject becomes part of your automatic way of thinking. You leave understanding the subject behind and without effort turn this into knowing the subject.

From there it becomes almost impossible to not do what you are teaching others. Which results in you automatically succeeding. Learn more >

Continuous and never ending improvement in your life.
Albert Einstein once said, "It's not that I'm smarter, it's just I stay with the problem longer."

We live in a world where we are overwhelmed with information, however, most struggle to make much more than meagre progress. This raises the question of why can't people succeed despite being given the right information.

The answer lies not in learning something, but learning how to apply it. Some elements of the Process you'll master in moments, and some 'bugs' may take years to fully leave your mind.
It is in the study of the way, that you'll find less and less do you have to struggle, until finally you'll arrive at a place of simplicity where success is just easy for you.

This is the process which is available to all of the Bug Free World community, IF you are willing to stay with the problem a little longer.
Learn more >

Powerful tools to monitor your progress.

Every member gets their own blog to write a diary of their journey. There are forums on all areas of success in life. If there's a problem which cannot be answered then I get to answer it. The circle of life tool will show you at a glance where you need to look at your life and will highlight instantly when you let yourself slip. Learn more >