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In early 2014 we travelled around the world teaching a very unique skill,
we taught how to design getting exactly what you want from life.

Sounds easy right, just more goal-setting information you've heard before?... No it is definitely NOT GOAL SETTING!
However, don't be put off by it looking like something you already know, it isn't. This is a skill which
couldn't be taught in words or audio... This is something which has to be taught Face to Face...
Which is why we travelled around the world to teach it.

I shared exactly how I created a unique process for designing what I get from life. And it is a
step-by-step process you can use for turning your greatest desires into reality...

Just imagine if by this time tomorrow you
were a master at designing your life?

Albert Einstein said, "Reality is negotiable." He was right!

The problem is, from all my years of research, no one had ever come up with a process which was replicable that actually could change a person's reality.

The truth is, I created this process by accident in 1988 when I thought, just bumping into the person we are supposed to spend our lives with, was a pretty dumb plan and there had to be a better way.

So at the age of 21 I designed my Perfect Partner.
I saw her within 24 hours of designing her, and we're still together. It was a near perfect manifestation... They're not always that quick, but they do always work!

I've used this same process to design making millions, healing myself, meeting people, writing books, getting people to do things, solving unsolvable problems, even to bringing up my children...

You name it, I've used this skill to ensure certain success.

When I ran the seminar, I promised people that they would be able to use it perfectly by the time they left the one day course... We had zero refunds!

This skill literally allows you to change your reality so that you
receive exactly what you want from life ...effortlessly!

 If you want the easiest way there is to negotiate a different reality...
Then you've found it.


Dear Student,

            As a Bug Free Mind Student, you've already experienced the radically transformative power of the Bug Free Mind Books and Audios …. and I have no doubt the Success Made Simple video course has changed your life... but now I want to ask you this:

 Can You Imagine What Immersing Yourself In A
One Day Training Program Will Do For You?

            What if you could spend a whole day just focusing on learning the skill of Designing nothing else... 100% focusing on designing, refining and bringing into reality ...

·         The WEALTH you want?
·         The LOVE you desire?
·         The CAR you want to drive?
·         The HOUSE you want to live in?
·         The COUNTRIES you want to visit?
·         The CLOTHES you want to wear?
·         The EXCITEMENT you want to FEEL almost every day, for the rest of your life! 

ABOVE: A Bug Free Mind student 'immersed' in his designs at the Life Design Getaway

            During your 'immersion experience' I will teach you in clear, uncomplicated language, virtually everything-you need-to-know-and understand, in order to clearly communicate with your subconscious mind, and  return to the state of constant joy and effortless abundance you once had as a child. I will teach you exactly how to be a good designer!

You'll discover things like:

  • Why goal-setting doesn't work and designing does
  • Why manifesting the life you want is a matter of remembering how, not learning how
  • How to use the laws that govern the universe - including the most powerful one of all, the Law of Creation - to your best advantage at all times
  • How to design easy things like cars and holidays
  • How to design impossible things and actually have them happen in your mind within just a few minutes. Meaning you can live to the way of 'having had something before you can have it.'
  • Exactly how you are creating your reality, right now and at every moment
  • How to create your perfect partner, or find the perfect employee, or the perfect company to work for
  • How much money you are going to waste in your life if you do not use the skill of designing, and how much it has cost you already... If this doesn't motivate you... NOTHING WILL!
  • And lots more...
The Personal Breakthrough You'll Get From The Life Design Getaway That Only YOU Will Understand

            At my first Life Design Getaway, I met a man in his early 30s who'd once been an 8 figure earner, but ever since he got into Personal Development, found he just couldn't find his way to riches again.

            After he explained his problem to me, I smiled and said to him, “You'll find the answer today, don't know when it will come to you, but it will.”

          About halfway through the afternoon's session he walked up to me, and said, “You were right Andy, I found my answer!”

          Now, I don't know exactly what it was I said that day that helped him so much. But because I put the thought into his mind, his subconscious was able to “connect-the-dots” for him and bring forth the solution he needed for his own personal breakthrough.

          Another attendee of the events was a door to door salesman who sold charity subscriptions.  Before he started the Bug Free Mind process he was signing up 3-4 subscriptions per day and making £50 per sale. 

          After reading A Bug Free Mind, he got up to 6-7 per day. Then after attending the Life Design Getaway … he's now signing up to 12 subscriptions per day!

          But after contacting him for an update on his progress, he's still not happy, as he says he should be getting up to 20 sales per day!! In his words - "I know there is no reason why I cannot improve the lives of virtually all my clients, so there's no reason why I can't get 20 new clients every day!"

See What Happens When You Reach A State of KNOWING...
You Reach The Highest State of Knowing When You've Learnt How To Have Something BEFORE You've Had It!

          You see, what I'd done for him during his 8 hour “immersion experience” at the Life Design Getaway, was help him get his mind  to a state of total KNOWING it had happened. This allowed him to free himself from the invisible baggage holding him back and create his desires. I turned him into a Good Designer at the Getaway, but he is turning himself into a GREAT Designer.

          … This is the power of DESIGNING!

          … This is the power of learning exactly how to communicate with your subconscious mind

          At the Life Design Getaway seminar, my intention is to get you to think again, as you did as a child. And the single most effective way of doing this, is by immersing yourself” in the process... which is exactly what you'll do when you study this one day course.

          As I'm sure you've heard me say before, the words we use are not our natural language and are in fact a pretty poor form of communication.

          What happens when you watch me teach it at the seminar is that I take away misunderstanding and allow you to see your full potential, as nothing can be misinterpreted thanks to me communicating the skill in a more natural way... Plus you'll witness other people at the event doing it, you'll see them having the impossible happen right there!

          This is a level of communication you simply can't get from reading books, or even by watching or interacting with the my Success Made Simple videos.

          A student, Alan from America, said that this was the missing piece for him. He had already mastered amazing things with the Process, but when he learnt this he said he finally saw his unlimited potential.

          I'm telling you, that this skill alone will blow you away! If FAST results are what you are after, then NOTHING beats this!

          You can attend TODAY a Life Design Getaway yourself from the comfort of your own home... You will get your mind into exactly the right state... With the right skill to use it! As when you know what to do with your mind, then you can go and change your reality...

          Then the difference will be amazing. You won't be wanting your dream to happen, as it will have already happened for you... Now you'll just be bringing it into our reality, with a plan that ensures you get it, OR something EVEN BETTER!

The Dramatic Benefits Of Watching Tuition,
With This Process Are Unquantifiable

            I decided to record this event after I'd done a world tour. That way I knew that the recording would be from the event that I'd practiced at various venues around the world. So when I delivered this presentation I would be at my very best for you.

            Sure enough it went exactly as I planned it and everyone loved it. They were all A Bug Free Mind Students, and were able to gain a much deeper understanding of the process, thanks to this being live training. As I'm sure you already know, when you're learning something in person from someone, the dynamic is totally different... Because body language allows us to communicate much more inline with our natural language.

            In this environment ideas get absorbed almost instantly. I got to look into the eyes of the students there and saw immediately whether they understand how to apply a certain technique or not. And when they didn't, I taught it in another way. This is why it was so easy to enable people to become great at this skill, in such a short period of time. As you'll see it really 'clicks' in your mind, and at that point the technique becomes a permanent part of your thinking system.

            Obviously, this level of individual teaching is impossible to achieve via books, audio, or video. But when face to face with people I was able to teach them so that quite simply 'they got it.' Because I do this, the learning experience becomes interactive as a result. Concepts you could never quite 'grasp' or see the full value in before, suddenly seem so powerful and instantly become part of your everyday thinking.

            In the end, with this tuition you can...

è Achieve the results you want, faster
è Create a mindset that's always at peace, faster
è Make-up designs for your success, faster
è Manifest them into reality, faster...
è Improve all your relationships...
è Find your ideal partner...
è You create all this... and more... faster.

            These are all real benefits, that come from watching me teach all these concepts in person, face-to face, where I am able to tailor my explanation of each concept in the way that YOU understand best.

Above: Picture of the LDG attendees during one of their many 'breakthrough moments!''

            Now let me ask you this:

è Do you feel you want faster results?
è Can you can see the value in having me teach you the secrets of communicating with your all powerful subconscious mind, in the same way you did as a child?
è Are you ready for all these benefits?  

            Imagine: Continually designing what you desire and knowing you will achieve it. How confident would you feel knowing that you have the formula that can get you anything you want? How good will you feel, knowing  you have this mindset?  All of this and more is made possible because nothing can stop someone who understands how to tap into the power of their subconscious mind... and bring forth their desires into reality!

How Much Is It Worth Financially
To Be Able To Manifest Your Greatest Desires Into Reality,
By Tapping Into The Power of Your Mind?

How much more money would you have made in the LAST 10 years if you could dictate your income?

How much more money will you make in the NEXT 10 years if you could dictate your income?

           How much is it worth to KNOW you can design EXACTLY what you desire in your life... and bring it into your reality practically on DEMAND?  You know about bringing structure to your thoughts... You can turn “no mind” on at will... Even if you go no further, you're already SET to live a “pain-free” life.

            But can you imagine how powerful you would become if you learned to release, through accurate USE, your ALL powerful mind? To set desires and manifest them into reality on demand? How exceptional you could become?

            What if I really could sit down with you, talk to you, guide your thinking and help you regain this power like you had as a child? How much would it be worth to you in monetary terms to have the Bug Free ability, to create any type of life you want?  How much is that worth to have the skill to manifest the money you desire... The love... the wealth... the health... the happiness?

            How much will your success contribute to the lives of the people closest to you, your family, friends, and every single person who had a hand in raising you as you grew up?

           I ran The Life Design Getaway events in early 2014 in various locations worldwide so that I could create this course for you. I have no plans or intentions to ever do this training again. I am not someone who wishes to do seminars. I did it to learn how to teach it, to get the training through to people and to create this course... There was a tuition fee of £497/ (Approx $800) per person for the day. Plus the students had to travel and pay for their accommodation.

           But you can study this from the comfort of your own home, and you have the videos to refer back to any time you want them. 

Here's what's included:

  • You get the whole one-day course - 4 videos (approximately 7 hours education). The Question and Answer session... The Workbook to download, the Perfect Partner Design and the Financial Freedom Design... AND... You will be able to ask questions and have me and other students offer solutions.
  • You get to see how to design getting your favourite car - and have it happen in your mind!
  • You get to design getting the trip of a lifetime - and have it happen in your mind!
  • You get to design an IMPOSSIBLE design - and have it happen in your mind!
    I don't want to spoil it for you, but it is impossible, yet you will have it happen in your mind...
    You will feel it is something which has happened and is likely to happen!
  • You will learn how to detach perfectly from your outcome so that you get out of your own way and allow your dream to happen.
  • You will see how much not having this skill has cost you so far and how much you are now going to make going forward, thanks to having it...
  • And you will be given Lifetime Membership of the A Bug Free World Community Site...

You Can Get Instant Access To
The Life Design Getaway Seminar Recordings

At The Low Price Of Just £397 (approx $645)

Or two payments of £199.50 (approx $330)
Click here for two payment option

           When you consider the overwhelming value you'll be receiving from these Seminar Recordings ENSURING you can manifest ALL your desires with Life Design Process... You clearly see that the fee I'm asking you for is tiny in comparison to the MAGNITUDE of what you'll be able to accomplish over the course of your lifetime after your Life Design Getaway training is complete!

            Plus you're always covered by...The Bug Free 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee


So, Who SHOULD Get The Life Design Getaway Seminar Recordings?

           Anyone who's read or is reading/listening to the Bug Free Mind Process… SHOULD get the Life Design Getaway Seminar Recordings. No question. Everything you need to create the life you desire is in the Bug Free Mind Process. But …  Like all things, it only works if you follow the process correctly. Everyone loves the way I teach this skill to them and as soon as they see it, they know why I couldn't teach it in the books or audios. 

           How do you know if you're doing it correctly? Well that's the problem isn't it... How do we know we are being as effective as we can be? Well ask yourself two questions:

          1) Am I getting what I want from life?

          2) Am I getting it fast enough?

           If the answer to both of these questions is 'no' then you need to click the instant access button below and get access today.

           And if either of the answers were 'yes' then you MUST get this! As you're already getting great results, so this will dramatically increase your potential!

        Attending a The Life Design Getaway is no longer possible as I have NO PLANS to ever do them again. So this is the only way to get access to this amazing skill. I know it's amazing now, you will do so shortly. The problem is you must KNOW - and not just think you know! - How to use this process to get everything you desire in life!  This is my sincere wish for you.

Who SHOULD NOT Get The Life Design Getaway Seminar Recordings?

          The only people who should NOT purchase The Life Design Getaway Recordings, are people who have not managed to get past Chapter 7 of the first book. It's that simple! EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD, as this skill will unleash potential that right now, you can't even imagine exists within you! 

          Please click the link above to get instant access today.

The NEXT 12 Months Can Be Different Or They Can Be A Repeat
Of All Your Previous Years. I Can Only Show You What
The Answer Looks Like And Tell You That I Advise You Get It.
YOU Have To Decide If You'll Allow Me The Pleasure Of Helping You…

          Right now you are standing on the verge of making THIS YEAR … NEXT YEAR ... In fact, the rest of your life... the BEST of your life!

          As A Bug Free Mind student, I think the only thing you may need is a little extra help, a little guidance from someone who can teach you exactly HOW TO THINK in order to bring your desires into reality. And without intending to sound arrogant, you know I am that person. 

          I've done it with Money.... With Businesses... With Love.. With Family... With Experiences... With Investing... With Relationships, you name it.

          And when I shared a couple of other stories at the event, of things I've manifested by having my mind in the right state (the state which I am going to coax your mind into too).

          Then you'll know for sure that there really are NO LIMITS to what you can achieve once you're able to once again communicate with you subconscious mind, and unlock its amazing creative powers into your life. To tell the truth, and I say this as bluntly as possible...

 In Truth It's Likely You Have Absolutely No Idea Right Now of
What You're Truly Capable Of ...

          The funny thing is, for years I thought everyone thought like me. It was only when I saw different results that I realised I thought differently. I was still thinking like I did as a child and I had been brought up to think this was childish... So I kept quiet!

          It was only when I discovered the truths which led to the creation of the Bug Free Mind Process, did I see that the way I thought was the way we all need to think IF we want to have the life of our dreams...

          The problem that's difficult to see is one of perspective... Standing from where you are right now in life, your perspective is different because of your life situation, another person who has gone where you desire to go, can look at you and see things clearly. These Life Design Getaways were designed to give attendees a transformational shift in their perspective... Making it possible for them and you to see your true potential. 

          And the funny thing is, I never intended to teach this skill as it couldn't be taught in books and audios and I was far too lazy to do seminars. In fact it was only when I taught this designing process to one of my personal students that he told me that I must teach it to you as to not share it was not good. So I relented and I decided to do it...

          … So if you're willing to meet me half way, and buy these Life Design Getaway Seminar Recordings, I'm willing to pry open up doors of your subconscious mind and show you EXACTLY how great … how happy... how wealthy... how successful.. you really can become!

          Go ahead and access the seminar right now and if you get stuck, I'll be there to answer your questions...

You Can Get Instant Access To
The Life Design Getaway Seminar Recordings

At The Low Price Of Just £397 (approx $645)

Or two payments of £199.50 (approx $330)
Click here for two payment option


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