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Success Made Simple
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~ Make Everything Simple But Not Simpler ~
Albert Einstein.
Success is a way of life.
It is something you must learn to do automatically 24/7.
After creating the Bug Free Mind Process I looked for a way to make it easier for people. I found that when listening, people would love it but then drift off and not apply some of the techniques. A similar thing happened when people read as well. Don't get me wrong we were having an unparalleled success rate, but my mission is to develop a system which can teach all, no matter how they learn best.

I realised I needed a way of teaching it which removed all the rushing from their hectic lives. I needed a method which could easily integrate with all they had going on. The problem is that people have been trained to consume information at an amazing rate.

In today's world someone can become pretty much an expert on a subject within a shorter time than at any time previously in history. But with all this knowledge at a person's disposal, there was one thing missing... progress.

People have forgotten that knowledge without application is useless. What they probably have not heard before is even more painful - Knowledge without application is not just useless, but is actually destructive Learn more >

We have an abundance of knowledge but have forgotten how to apply it automatically into our lives.
It's not what we know that counts, it's what we apply.
Are you drowning in information too? The truth is most people are in the habit of acquiring knowledge then moving on without applying it. As children we used to learn something, apply it and then learn something else. As adults the world seems to have lost the ability to apply the crucial step.

If you are not living your dream life, then the chances are you are not applying what you are learning. So this begs the question, 'What's the point of learning it?'

The secret to making progress in your dreams of success, is simply to learn how to apply it. Benjamin Franklin wrote in his autobiography, the process of success is simple, pick a subject, spend a week on it, then move on to the next. However, we have been educated to cram it all in, and do it as fast as possible. Our society has forgotten the wisdom of Franklin's words.

Success Made Simple is the process of doing what Franklin said needed to be done. Learn more >

By planting flowers in your mind, no weeds can grow.
An untended mind results in a painful life.
Everyday in life things happen which affect our mindset. I myself, had the mindset of an ultra-successful person for years, before falling foul of failing to plant flowers in my mind. After I recovered my mindset and took it to a whole new level, I saw how our minds are not static. How learning something today does not mean we will continue to have it forever. So I saw the need for a way to get and keep our minds in tune.

Our minds are part of our body and they work in the same way as our body does. If you do not feed your body daily then it decays and you eventually die. If you do not exercise regularly then your body eventually seizes up. And if you do not feed your mind daily with the very best wisdom on mindset then your mind freezes up too. This is why I knew I had to create something which was a way of life rather than a 'quick fix' program.

Most people can study a 'quick fix' program and after reading a few books can be able to teach the subject even if they are not capable themselves of living to it. What Success Made Simple does is breaks success down into bite-sized bits, and it delivers those bits to you two or three times a week over a few years. This way your mind is kept in-tune no matter what is going on in your life.

Success Made Simple takes your understanding of the subject to a level way beyond the level of teaching it. The wisdom becomes part of you and in doing so your success becomes effortless. Learn more >

If rushing about in life worked,
then the world would be full of successful people.
If you wish to achieve more then you
must learn how to do less.
To do less and achieve more is a truly wonderful way to live. However, it is a difficult concept to grasp when first heard. Especially when it's being said about an accelerated video learning program with over 400 videos in it, that is delivered slowly over three years.

But how this works is you watch in comfort two to three videos a week and then you consider a few things as you go about your day. What happens next is change happens in your mindset, this is just thanks to the power of observation.

The videos are relaxing, enjoyable and often humorous so they are not a lot of work. The very last thing to do when the world has an overwhelm problem, is to give them a lot of work. So these videos take only 3 to 8 minutes each to watch and combine a unique collection of learning styles so you can see, hear, read and do.

These words and pictures combined with a few things to consider plant some amazing flowers in your mind and prevent the weeds of everyday life from forming. Your success is made simple, but not too simple as if it was too simple then your programming would make you fail to apply it. Learn more >

Success lies on the far side of failure.
For you to keep going no matter what, your mind needs to be regularly fed with wisdom which can be applied.
To achieve long term permanent change, a long term plan is needed. Everyone needs a long term plan for their mindset, including me! I spent six months thinking like most of the world thinks - which was very painful for me. Now I spend plenty of time planting flowers in my mind as I NEVER want to go back to that! I think that the only way a person can live like that, is that they don't know that they do not have to.

People attempt to rush change and in some areas it works, but the mind is all connected and the only way to control it over the long term is to keep feeding it correctly. By drilling down on one or two subjects a week it is easy to get and keep your mind in tune. By failing to consider the long term protection and enhancement of your mindset, then weeds will surely grow. 
Learn more >

Do you overestimate what you can do in one year
and underestimate what you can do in ten?
At a seminar in 2013, five months after the release of this course, I asked a group of seven Success Made Simple students - If they thought the videos coming out at two to three a week was fast enough? Two of the group said no they wanted them faster, whereas five of the group said they were too fast at two to three a week.

The key difference between these two groups was that the two who wanted them faster where struggling to make progress, whereas the five who said they were too fast all said they were experiencing life at a whole new level. What had happened was that their success had been made simple. Learn more >