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“5 Traditional Goal Setting Rules You Should Break!”
Follow This Simple Advice To Instantly Change Your Life
By Andy Shaw

Goal setting, now there’s some words that conjure up all sorts of problems. Everyone who knows anything about goal setting knows they should be doing it… but only a few do it. Then the majority of those that do, force themselves to do it.

The problem is, the way goal setting is taught traditionally is total bo**ocks! I could write a book taking apart a goal setting book. This is one of the primary areas the people who can do it, cannot teach it. And because they cannot teach it then people’s lives remain the same.
I go through the correct method to teach creating the life you desire in Using A Bug Free Mind. But here I am going to go through just some of the most popular techniques and demonstrate how bent out of shape they are.
But before I start, let me tell you what natural goal setting is. Currently most people who have taken the time to look at goal setting know they should be doing it but they associate goal setting with work and pain.

Now let me ask you, how did goal setting, which is us dreaming and planning the life we desire, ever end up being associated with work and pain?

The subject should be the most pleasurable of past times… The answer of course is the teachers can’t teach it and here’s some examples why.

"Successful people instinctively see their way through bulls**t to find the gold in what is being taught to them ."
S.M.A.R.T. Goals (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely)

Sounds so professional that you feel you have to believe it’ll work. And this is a perfect example of some very bad, very destructive teaching. It means well but that doesn’t change the fact that it is not fit for purpose and will not get you the success you desire from life.

This is right goals need to be specific. However, the way they teach it is not very good and it is not the primary problem with this method of goal setting. They say that specifics help us to focus our efforts and clearly define what we are going to do. No, they do not help us, they are essential.

It is not optional that we do not know what we desire our goal to look like, it is mandatory. You couldn’t travel to a destination without specifically knowing which destination you wanted to travel to… This is basic, basic stuff... How are we going to get to it unless we know what it looks like?

Specific has its place, but always being open to an even greater manifestation in your life is a step further. Also not being set on it coming to you in one way, i.e. if you design yourself to have earned 1 million per year. Don't be attached to one way of getting there, if your business fails then understand it happened because that’s what was needed to happen to get you there.

Specific but not specific is the key to not losing momentum and failing. But this takes some explaining to fully understand the simplicity of it, which is why I wrote a book on it. Unfortunately I can’t wrap this up in a pretty little box like one called SMART goals. However, there is a big difference… My way actually works.

They say, if you can’t measure it then you can’t manage it… Sounds really good doesn’t it? It sounds plausible so people swallow this rubbish!

When you plant a seed in the ground, nearly all of the creation takes place out of sight and cannot be measured. This is the same with manifesting. You are creating in your mind, you are shaping the way things will end up being. You also almost certainly have a Bug ridden mind, so you’ll have that to overcome as well as manifest your desire.

So no measurement can take place until it starts to happen. If you considered that measurement was necessary, you would lose heart and stop creating with your mind, therefore negating any chance of this working. This method kills goals off, it does not create them.

This awful method is an attachment to the outcome, in other words a need for the outcome to happen to be fulfilled. What this is, is you saying to the Universe, I need this to happen as I don’t think it will. The answer is detachment from the outcome by knowing that it will happen. Cultivating the state of mind where you know this will happen is essential for your goal and your piece of mind.

And yes, it is possible to know for certain that something you have never ever done before is going to come into your reality. Yes, there really is a method for cultivating this certainty and it is in the way it is taught, not in the specific words which is why I take best part of a book to teach it in Using A Bug Free Mind.

The problem with this element and other elements of SMART goals is they are for project management, they are not for goal setting. If you were using this system for project management then the system would be a lot better. But using it to create something you have never attained before, well it’s total bo**ocks!

Another project management task is dished up. Was it attainable to set up a membership website and have 600 million users and become the world’s youngest self made billionaire? Was it attainable to set up a search engine and get 85% of all of the world’s online searches? Was it attainable to set up a video sharing site and sell it for $1.6 billion in just 18 months? Was it attainable to create an operating system and have it on 95% of all computers on Earth?

Attainable is something for project management. A dream is something for goal setting. If you want success then you have to either be still in touch with your natural success mindset – as every successful person was when they obtained their success.

Or you have to learn to listen to only those who can get you to success from where you are now. Following this sort of system to attain your desires will end up in 100% failure.

I understand why they get people to set realistic goals, otherwise their method would have 100% failure rate… I am not joking here. This method is guaranteed to produce a failure, and I would go as far to say doing nothing may actually have better results.

You see the problem they are attempting to deal with here is that people need to ‘believe’ it’s realistic otherwise they will lose motivation. They will feel they fail and cannot do it simply because they believe it is not possible to do it.

This is goal setting for people who will never be successful. If you want something to feed to your ego so that your ego can allow you to do it… then go for this as it’ll make you feel good for a while. And then you’ll fail and be down for 6 – 18 months, then you’ll give it another go and fail again.

This is you appearing to be stuck in life, however, the truth is of course you are failing to learn the lesson life is attempting to teach you. Goals are not always realistic, some are if they are small and some are if they are minor goals like, I want to lose 7 pounds.

But goals to transform your life and turn you into the person you wanted once to be are all about daring to dream. What I teach is how to cultivate a state of mind where you KNOW you are going to get to that goal, or something better. Not a minor goal but big audacious dreams. Wouldn’t you like to live knowing you are going to live well, enjoy your life and fulfil your big audacious dreams?

I teach how you can set unrealistic goals and not worry at all about not getting them yet. I teach how to live every second of every day whilst you are on the journey… Not just live needing the goal to happen. But to really live and enjoy the journey.

And lastly the biggest load of bo**ocks from this system. This gives it away that it is just a project management system and not a system for setting and achieving goals.

Let me ask you this… Let’s say you want to set up a website which has 100,000 people on it. You’ve never done it before, you are breaking all new ground. What timeframe should you achieve this in?

You cannot set a timeframe on something you have never done before. If you’ve done something once, that’s fine because you know how long it will take, but if you haven’t then you simply learn to cultivate this thinking…

“I don’t know how or when this will come to me but I just know it will, in the right time and in the very best way for my life.” This is detachment from the outcome and it allows you to create it.

Sticking a timeline on something you’ve never done before is killing your success. You have planted the seed, it has not started to show yet, therefore it has failed… Timely… what a load of misleading bo**ocks.

Here is how the acronym should read…

Goal setting is an art form which we all used to have naturally.

But there are ways to scientifically improve our natural goal setting techniques. However, the methods taught by all in this field do not seem to ever get past killing themselves in the process.

This is why I wrote Using A Bug Free Mind so that I could explain how I manifested some of the most amazing things into my life on purpose and so that you could take the system and apply it to your success.

If you are ready to transform your life so that you can once again dream like you did when you were a child, live in the moment and enjoy the certainty of knowing that it can all happen whilst you love your life… Then maybe you should go through the A Bug Free Mind process.

But before you decide to do it, as this system is not for everyone... It may not suit you yet... After all maybe you haven't experienced enough pain, suffering and set backs yet.

As it is only when you reach the point of knowing that your current method of attaining success just 'ain't going to do it for you' that you are able to go with something different.

However, if you would like to try and see if this system really can work for you then you can read the first five chapters of "Creating A Bug Free Mind" and see if you like what you are learning.

I'm biased, I know it will work for you as I designed it to work for everyone, not just the people like me who are still in touch with their natural success mindset. But it will only work for you if you know it will...

And to know that, then you have to experience a good taste of it for yourself.

Go here for all of the details: A Bug Free Mind Trial Offer