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“Success Teachers Cannot Teach You How To Become Successful!”
Follow This Simple Advice To Instantly Change Your Life
By Andy Shaw

Have you noticed that despite the vast number of books you've read, the countless hours you spent listening to audio programs, the gruelling work watching endless amounts of video training and not to mention how many seminars you've attended...

...That your life, and your success doesn't move forward?

In fact you don't change your life and it stays exactly the same, or perhaps even worse... you feel you have actually gone backwards.
You know you're learning stuff, but you just can't get it to work...

Do you know what I mean?

You assume it must be you as the people teaching it know their stuff... and besides they teach you that "you" are responsible for everything in your life... So it must be you that's wrong!

So the secret is either you just can't get it or the answer lies in theirs or someone else's next, book, audio program, video, seminar...

But have you ever realised that even with all their books and all their wisdom that less than 1% of their readers can make their stuff work! ...In fact it is far less than 1%!

So are you and all their readers thick?

Or could it just be that all the teachers are teaching it in a way that less than 1% of their students can ever hope to understand?

Could it actually be them and not you?

Consider this....

If you sent your children to a really good school... Then later you found out that they only had a 1% success rate... Would you blame the teachers - or the children?

It becomes obvious when you notice it... The answer was hidden in plain site all along... It's not you, it's their methods of teaching... They don't work!

You knew this though didn't you! But because they were experts they fooled you into thinking it was you... AND IT WASN'T!

Last year I decided it was about time the teachers learnt to teach it in a way that you could understand it! And make it work!

"Successful people know that the future they want is not going to be created in the future, but now in this moment so they devote their time to creating their future now."

That's why I decided to write my system for success Creating and Using A Bug Free Mind.

I knew I had a simple system which ANYBODY who can read could use to create success for themselves...

You see, I figured out the secret of what makes successful people a success and what keeps other people 'average'.

And it's very good news for you...

Failing Society's Program

Because the successful people aren't the successes, they are actually the failures, they failed society's programming, whereas you succeeded... And in doing so you failed!

Ok, ok... it doesn't sound good I know, but hear me out as there's some magic here for you if you slow down long enough to notice it...

What this means is that successful people are naturally successful and ...so are you. So you becoming successful is not some 'Superhuman' achievement.

It is actually your natural state of being. You were already a naturally successful person... But... society's programming robbed you of your natural success guidance system...

Impressed yet? No? Well hang on, as what this means for you is that all you've got to do is clear off society's 'program for failure' and you'll be a naturally successful person again... You'll have your natural success system back!

Are you impressed now? All I've got to get you to do is some simple thinking and you'll be back there... You will be able to naturally create your success (whatever that looks like for YOU!)... In exactly the same way as you did when you learnt to walk.

Learning To Walk Again

All I've done differently with my process for success is put it into a way in which your mind can easily absorb it.

So instead of the usual way of teaching success, I do it in a way which reveals things to you which you 'already felt' and you actually 'already knew.'

What that means is that I do not force information into your mind, your mind considers that it was already there and obviously right. Because it is all just logical (so obviously right) and because it was already there a long time ago, when you were a naturally successful person....

...All I have to do is get you back to where you once were... And all you have to do is go on a journey through your mind which will literally be the most fantastic journey you've ever gone on (no hype guaranteed!).

I promise you that you will enjoy the process of re-discovering your natural success mindset in a way which at the moment would be beyond belief if I were to 'try' and explain it.

You see, you are about to effectively run an Antivirus program on your mind ...which enables you to watch as you dissolve all of the thoughts in your mind that have ...kept you fat, kept you poor, kept you living in fear, kept you being afraid of failure, kept you in bad relationships....

You name it, all the bad stuff in life, whatever your poison is, this process dissolves it in the easiest way possible. You will just 'watch' and sit in amazement as these unsuccessful thoughts (which you thought were part of you) dissolve from your mind.

And you will see them dissolve WITHOUT EFFORT!

Then once you have created your 'Bug Free Mind' then you get to start using it by first installing a Success Guidance System ...And before you go thinking that sounds hard... it's not! You just have to read and think and if you can do that then you'll just go through it.

You can do it quickly if you want, but pretty soon I promise you that you'll figure out that you won't want to rush as you'll be enjoying it so much. And trust me by the end of the process rushing will have lost it's charm with you as you'll see it for what it really is, destructive, not constructive.

The teaching method I use uniquely teaches you techniques in a way which ensures that your mind does not fall back into its bad habits and poor ways of thinking. Simply put they get you back to your Natural Success Mindset, then you are empowered with a system to guarantee you success and a wonderful life.

Now what this means for you is you are certain of success. And I do not make that statement lightly.

How Would You Like To Become A Success But WITHOUT The Hard Work?

My wife will testify to the fact that I am the laziest person she knows... I don't do hard work, and I know you don't want to either. So I designed a system where you can actually remove ALL THE HARD WORK from you achieving success!

I don't know about you, but I desire success, I do not in ANY WAY desire the hard work. So I designed a way to remove hard work for myself and I'm sharing it here with you!

No... I am not exaggerating and I can prove it.

I am willing to back that up with an amazing 6 month, 100% no quibble, no questions asked guarantee! Yes this process really is that good! ...and even though this sounds like marketing hype I assure you it isn't. In fact I'm guaranteeing it isn't.

Look, I know you've been let down before... That's not going to happen now!

But I know that you may be thinking these are just words used to sell my process... So don't believe me... just read the first 5 chapters for FREE yourself right now and you'll KNOW what I mean... and you'll KNOW that this process WILL WORK FOR YOU!

...91% of people who READ those FREE chapters end up buying the books!

So why don't you...

You can get all the details here: A Bug Free Mind Trial Offer