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“The Difference Between 'Givers’ And 'Takers'”
Follow This Simple Advice To Instantly Change Your Life
By Andy Shaw

To give feels natural, to take feels uncomfortable… and unnatural.

One takes us towards where we want to go and one takes us away from it… However, through a paradox it actually looks and sounds like the opposite effect is happening.

When we understand the power of this and how to use it to maximum effect then it propels us through life towards success far greater than we ever could conceive. The problem is getting away from the way we are taught to do things and getting back to the natural way we are designed to do things.
Let’s use selling as an example. People generally see selling as a person being in the state of taking… Well would you like to know the biggest problem some people have with selling something to another person? They feel by them selling it to someone they are taking something away from them…

But as soon as they know they were selling something of high value and letting someone have it for a bargain price… instantly they see how selling it is of benefit to the other person’s life.

When they make that tiny change, all of a sudden they slip into harmony and they go out of their way to sell to the other person. Simply because they now see the benefit for them and it now feels right for them to sell.

Now this sales person is going to give, and their getting is an automatic benefit. Their taking is not something they need to work on, as they are not taking, they are getting. All they need to work on is going to give and they will get automatically… There is simply no need to be a taker as this is the simple way for how to succeed in life…

Side note: - I am not referring to all sales people of course, as this state of mind can be manufactured too. I am sure you know what I mean.

However, selling something of benefit and of high value to someone else for a bargain price is just being in harmony. And it is the natural way we are designed to be. Basically it is in our nature to want to help people as long as it doesn’t hurt us to do so.

A Key To Success Is Going With The Flow

We are benefits driven creatures by nature. By nature we instinctively know that by sharing we get more, even though appearances are to the contrary. In the world we are brought up in, when we go and take something, we know instinctively we are taking... and it doesn’t feel right.

Giving feels right, taking feels wrong. One is going with the flow and the other is opposing it. Harmony and being in it is just going with the flow and it is an essential ingredient for true success in life. When I say essential, I mean essential for your success.

Getting feels like just being rewarded for service done for others. Getting is not something we need to put effort into as getting should be an automatic event after giving. This is using the law of least effort to create success.

"Successful people find themselves compelled to give of themselves and give of their riches, because it is natural and it feels good. It also feels good to them to get as well, as why wouldn't it?"

From a very young age though we are taught to take, so this becomes our predominant way of thinking. It doesn’t mean it is natural or in harmony… It is just the way we are taught to do it. We are taught to take because there may not be enough to go around…

However, we live in an abundant Universe which is always growing and expanding - we are abundant creatures. It is natural to give freely because instinctively we always know there will be more.

We know this instinctively as children. However, with every passing day we are taught and programmed, first by adults, then the media, then our own peer group… We are taught that life isn’t really like that and we can’t just give, we have to take… So we one day stop thinking selflessly and start thinking selfishly.

Once we have got to that point then the chances of our success in life diminishes greatly. If you doubt this then just look at the world, you will see the world is FULL of takers and there are only a minute few successful people.

I could spend hours convincing you that taking is the wrong way to do it, or you could simply decide that this may be right… But the way we are taught is to go against the flow not to go with it. So we look for reasons to assume something different is wrong.

The funny thing is that it is in selflessness, i.e. ‘Giving’, where our abundant success is hiding. Napoleon Hill wrote, “You can have anything you want, if you find enough other people to help.”

One Way To Achieve Massive And Fast Business Success

So if riches are what you desire, then just look to create massive value for others and sell what you produce for the lowest possible price. This, if you like, is the secret of success… Find a way to do that and you will succeed in life and become abundantly rich…

Here’s what I mean:-

The top 10 most successful websites on the planet…

1 Google Goes to give – they get automatically
2 Facebook Goes to give – they get automatically
3 YouTube Goes to give – they get automatically
4 Yahoo Goes to give – they get automatically
5 Blogger Goes to give – they get automatically
6 Baidu Goes to give – they get automatically
7 Wikipedia Goes to give – they get automatically
8 Windows Live Goes to give – they get automatically
9 Twitter Goes to give – they get automatically
10 QQ.com Goes to give – they get automatically

How many of those companies were around 10 years ago?

How many were around 15 years ago?

The vast majority in the top 100 are all at the lowest price point and all deliver amazing value for a huge number of people… So could this be the secret to successful business in this century?

By those entrepreneurs designing a business to serve, their getting becomes automatic – They went to give not take – It is a state of mind thing!

The internet has freed up business from the need to get in the same way they once did. Now business success can work more in tune with how we are naturally designed to work.

The Natural Steps To Success

If you want to get more then you simply need to focus on giving more. Because as you give, this creates a vacuum and nature abhors a vacuum… So shortly after you give, or sometimes even when you just intend to give… the law of reciprocation kicks in and it rushes in to fill up this vacuum.

If you wish to be in harmony with your natural being, if you wish to feel good all of the time, then simply take your mind away from taking and getting and allow yourself to consider ways to help others. Go to give, and you cannot help but get. Go to get and you will get more of that, which is - ‘wanting to get!’

All the time you want to get, you and your thoughts are in the state of intending to take. This is out of harmony and you are trying to force things. Learning how to be successful is all about learning to go with the flow and not have to force things.

All you have to do is get yourself into the state of intending to give, then just be open to getting at some point in the future. Just ensure that you do not need to get in order for you to give… Giving has to come before getting to be in harmony with the flow.

If you need it or want it to happen, then you won’t get what you want. Instead you’ll get more wanting it. If you let go of needing or wanting and just go to give, as soon as you get into this harmonious mindset, all of life will start appearing to conspire to just go your way…

What has actually happened is you have stopped fighting the natural way and started going with the flow instead… Successful people do this instinctively as they still have access to their natural success mindset. If you are not successful yet then you lost yours at some point. Getting that back is essential to you achieving the success you desire for yourself in life.

So much of what we have been taught goes against the flow of life. When you know this you begin to understand exactly why it has seemingly been impossible for you to succeed.

However, it isn't impossible. In fact your success is a natural thing, a life of failure is an unnatural thing. Society really does have this backwards and all you have to do, to get back to a natural success mindset is to learn the correct way of thinking.

That may sound hard but it isn't, afterall it is the way you used to think before society told you their way. If you're ready to once again access your natural success mindset then the one thing I would advise you to do is to read the first five chapters of my book "Creating A Bug Free Mind."

There is magic in there which you will discover as you read, the first five chapters do not have all of the answers, but they will give you an experience of clearing a few of your bugs which will mean that you'll look at life in a new way and will want to know more...

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