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“Are You LAZY Enough To Be Rich?”
Follow This Simple Advice To Instantly Change Your Life
By Andy Shaw

Unsuccessful people think it is hard to become successful. Successful people think it is far harder to remain unsuccessful. The loss to them is far greater than the gain to an unsuccessful person.

To not go for it is almost too painful for a successful person to imagine. So going for it is far easier than not. I see myself as the laziest person I know… Yet I work on my hobby nearly all of my free time… So why do I think I am lazy?
Because I don’t really work, I am doing what I love… Successful people only do what they love so it is not work to them as it involves no, or very low, mental effort to do it. Unsuccessful people see work as what they must do to become successful, so they view it as pain.

Now they have created a monumental amount of work, as not only do they need to do the work, but now they have to summon up the mental energy to actually start doing the work.

You guys blow me away… Why do you make it so hard for yourself? The only reason you do this is because you are not doing what you love and that is because you haven’t worked out what you want.

It took me four years to be able to stop working where I was to be able to start to work from home. Once I had decided what I wanted to do for the rest of my life I just worked diligently on it until it became a reality… I didn’t think “4 years! Wow that’s like forever to get what I want now!”

Instead I just did it. The 4 years passed and I got what I wanted, which was to work from home for the rest of my life. By not putting up a barrier to me getting what I wanted, I accomplished the task using the law of least effort.

You see, once I had made the decision that this was what I wanted, I merely worked to create my desired outcome. It happened at the right time and in the right way. I didn’t try and force it to happen in 6 months, I just decided it would happen and took easy steps to ensure it would happen.

When I set myself a desire, I don’t restrict myself with time limits. They are for the weak-minded who believe that if they don’t set themselves time limits, they will forget what they want and do something else instead. Maybe you’ve noticed that pattern in yourself.

By following this crazy sort of teaching, you are adding to your workload… I add nothing to my workload, I only pick up what can help me attain my desires. I look to use the least effort possible in all I can do to get what I desire.
"Successful people  make it a habit to only do what they love to do. This way it is never work to them, let alone hard work!"

Do You Need To Think About Certain Things

You think about building your self confidence, this involves effort which I and other successful people never even consider… We use no effort here, you use lots.

You think about positive thinking, this involves effort which I and other successful people never even consider… We use no effort, yet you use lots.

You struggle to overcome your doubts about becoming successful in this venture. We use no effort considering that, we apply our efforts on learning different ways in which it could happen.

We apply good, easy, relaxed effort in the most useful places. You apply bad, hard, painful effort in the most useless places.

So I describe myself as lazy because I ONLY do the very minimum to get what I want. Successful people appear to be doing more than unsuccessful ones and in some places that is right… But not all! You see, successful people do not drain away their most potent energy supply on tasks which require a huge mental effort. So they have their mental energy left to create their desires.

Whereas unsuccessful people drain the majority of their mental energy away on building their self confidence and staying positive… Once they’ve carried out these pointless tasks they have little energy left with which to create their desires!

If you want to learn how to be rich, become wealthy,  then you have to get lazy. You have to just know what you want and go and get on with it… This is the law of least effort. You unsuccessful people work too hard… learn to use less effort and you will create more.

Right now you are probably thinking, ‘Well that’s easy for you to say… but how can I do it?’ Simple, I’ll cover that in a moment. But first think about this… You don’t know what’s a lot of effort and what’s a little effort.

It took me roughly twenty hours to map out the design for my entire life… A lot of time that may be, but it is the plan for the rest of my life so probably worth the effort… It is surely a lot less effort than trying to figure out which way to go every single day of my life.

Let’s say I was an unsuccessful person who spends 3 minutes here, 20 minutes there, 3 hours here, 1 day there, 10 minutes here… Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly… Unsuccessful people spend several weeks a year trying to figure out which way to go. Whereas I figured this out in 20 hours over a 3 week period (i.e. I did this with the littlest amount of effort I could).

So unsuccessful people invest 500 hours a year, 5,000 every 10 years… But I just wasted 20 hours instead… This is the law of least effort. I am lazy, I find the easiest ways because I am lazy… Are you willing to get lazy enough to actually learn to do the work at the start?

The law of least effort is all about wealth, wealth isn’t riches, wealth to me is a state of mind. I apply maximum effort in the places where the maximum effort delivers the maximum results. I apply minimum or no effort in areas which don’t.

You unsuccessful people work far too hard in areas you don’t need to work in.

So here’s the technique for how to apply it… Don’t underestimate its simplicity…

1. Figure out exactly what you want
2. Go about only doing and thinking the things which bring what you desire into your reality… Ignore all else.

Successful people do this on auto-pilot, in other words with no effort. If you want to become rich then you have to learn to become lazy and not work where it does not produce you results.

Just knowing this can make a HUGE difference to your success.

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